m f Start Date: Jul 13, 2017 - End Date: Dec 9, 2017
  • Warsaw, Poland

My Travel Story

by: m f Start Date: Jul 13, 2017 - End Date: Dec 9, 2017
Money can be tight when you're merely a university student. 
While Warsaw can sound like it's not necessarily such a big deal when you're travelling, but you have to start somewhere. 
And why not start somewhere close to home. 
Why did we choose Warsaw, instead of Tallin or Riga or even Berlin, you might ask? Well, we will answer. Warsaw is quite compelling, culture and architecture wise, and it's way less painful for our pockets to handle. 
Another question you might have, is why aren't we paying for it ourselves, if it's 'less painful for the pocket'? Well, the answer is quite easy. To put it simply, we can't afford the whole price. There will still be stuff we're paying for ourselves. When you're working minimum wage jobs and you're studying, paying bills and you don't want to be eating mostly ramen noodles, it's pretty much impossible to save for travelling. 
I ( the blonde, boyish looking person ) had the pleasure of staying in Warsaw for a little more than a day with the help from a parent. Since it was a very rushed decision ( planned in less than a day ), I didn't have the proper time to figure out all the places I wanted to visit, and many popular locations (like the Copernicus Science Center, that i was very excited to visit) needed prior booking due to overflow of people. However, I had the chance to meet some new people, from completely different cultures, and enjoy the day I had there with a lovely girl I found in the city. I was left with quite the after-travel sadness when I was on the bus back home, upset due to the fact that I missed out on many things I could have seen. 
It was quite a feeling to experience my very first travel alone, and one I'd like to share with my friend. 
I (the glasses and brown hair girl) always had a dream of travelling the whole world. I haven't travelled much. I've been to Germany, Latvia and Estonia, but all of these times were only because of short term jobs, so not tourist like travels at all. I couldn't fulfill my dream of sight-seeing and experiencing different cultures as much as I wish to. I love nature and architecture and seeing it in pictures is not nearly enough for me. I hope to be able to visit as many places as possible of this world. However, while being a student this dream isn't an easy task. Not only having little money to spare for trips, but also it would be scary and boring to go alone. Therefore, me and my friend here are hoping to receive some help to make our dream of travelling come true.

Any donation will be heavily appreciated, and we'll keep in mind to send out post cards from Warsaw to everyone who wishes to receive one (please leave a note of that with your social media, so we could come in contact)!
  • Warsaw, Poland