Architecture/Engineering Student Short Trip to London

Mirela Sircu Start Date: Nov 9, 2016 - End Date: Feb 6, 2017
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Mirela Sircu Start Date: Nov 9, 2016 - End Date: Feb 6, 2017
Hello  to all nice people  here! I am Mirela,  18, from Moldova, currently  studying  in Horsens, Denmark  for  Civil Engineering, first year.  I have always  known  this  is exactly what  I want  to do in my life - create  and build  great  architectural  structures.  I enjoy my  studies  a  lot,  and  I look  forward  to  developing  my  skills in this  direction, both in theoretical  and  practical  ways.  And  specifically this is why  I am  kindly  asking for  a modest  fund raising here  in  order  to be  able  to  make  a very  short  trip by myself  to  London (~3 days)  during  my 1  week  holiday  at the end of January,  to visit some  of the amazing  architectural and structural  buildings  from over there, such as:  The Gherkin, Tower Bridge, National  Theatre, Lloyd's Building,  20 Fenchurch Street,  The Shard and as much  more  as  I could do with a student budget.  Taking in account I come from Moldova, Eastern Europe, and I am already trying my best , with the help of my family to make my studies here in Denmark, for Civil Engineering, it is not easy at all to manage  a trip to London, but I would very, very much like it - to be able  and go visit those awesome buildings and  get my engineering skills "brightened up" a little bit more. I am trying out a job here and saving some money, I will look  for a  cheap accomodation in London, I will need money for transport (which can get quite expensive there, even 15euro per day, as the accomodation as well), and also for entrance fees to the main buildings.

I should specify  I have won a FLEX scholarship and spent an academic year in IL, USA during my highschool, where I have visited some great architectural places also, such as :  Willis Tower, Chicago and  Fallingwater,  Pennsylvania that inspired me even more(pictures included below).  I have also taken drafting classes  and I enjoy Civil Engineering to it's fullest! More than this, my both parents spent a couple months when they were in their 20's in the region of London, and since then it remained their sweet place, so I would love to go and visit those  sites  they keep talking about.

I would very much appreciate your help here so that I can go explore more of the Architectural and Engineering world out there, with a student budget, but with a child's big dream!

Thank you very much!
  • London, United Kingdom