Lunar Yoga Flow is Heading to Prague

Lynn Hailey Start Date: Sep 27, 2016 - End Date: Nov 6, 2016
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
  • Prague, Czech Republic

My Travel Story

by: Lynn Hailey Start Date: Sep 27, 2016 - End Date: Nov 6, 2016
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
Please believe me when I tell you that I undertake this with the deepest gravity, gratitude and anticipation. Asking for help is one of my biggest fears.  If I get it wrong, or you don’t go in for crowdfunding, please disregard this.  This is not for everyone, I really appreciate that.  

I have been given the opportunity to teach English as a foreign language in Prague with Oxford Trinity Certification.  I am so excited by this opportunity.  I feel like it has come at the right time, from the right  place and for the very best reasons.

The urge to promote peace through communication, to help others improve their lives and to feel more at ease in my world seems to have finally found a home in my current circumstance.  All that is lacking is the money.  As I have been shown in the last couple of days (by some lifelong friends to whom I am SO grateful), money is not really a credible obstacle, but I have to  learn to ask for the assistance I need.  This morning I woke up feeling like I know how to ask.

If you help me I promise this aid is not going to be squandered. This donation I seek is for my personal development (which is gain, but it’s earned) and ultimately, to use my talents (my big mouth and interest in language) to help others achieve. If you help me, you will be helping me promote non-violent communication, a method I think is really worth practicing (I owe another really good friend for that guidance, as well).  If you help me, I promise to use these funds to keep my heart and mind on the path of opening, day by day, more and more (never perfect, but  always improving), and create opportunity for others.

I need purpose, meaningful work and expandsion to thrive.  I seek to change my shortcomings by outliving, outshining and learning beyond the limitations I have known.  If it would give you honest joy that you can feel to contribute to my education, then please be my teacher; help me learn to receive. and give what I can to the future we share.  

Truly Thankful to You,
Lynn Hailey

For those of you who do not want to use electronic payment, but still would like to contribute, please snail mail me at 410 Hayes, Helena, MT 59601.  Please leave comments on the blog: 

  • Prague, Czech Republic


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    "Every time you display your wisdom out loud, I am granted a little piece of my own. Every time you give context to the struggle of being on this path, I find my feet again. Every time you choose your softness, I am made safer.

    Thank you for staying human. Thank you for being the weaver. Thank you for spinning the threads from all facets of life: the heartfelt, the inescapable, the systemic, the liminal, the imaginal, into a tapestry of possibility, a shelter for us to gather under. Thank you for showing up to this beautiful mess with your art from the heart. Imperfectly perfect. Fabulously flawed. Woke and still waking." ~
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    "May I remember that all of the gifts that I receive from you are gifts that I am meant to pass on to others. There is more coming for me, more that I need to pass on. May I remember that love is a game of catch and release. The more that comes in, the more I am able to give out." ~