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Hello, pleasure to meet you! My name is Eva and I live in Washington, DC. I have worked as an architect in SmithGroupJJR for about 3 years now. The city has a lot of construction underway and it is exciting to take part in shaping the Capital. Besides architecture, traveling is my passion. I love visiting new places, learning about different cultures, trying local food and wine. I always carry my sketchbook with me so I can document the architecture and nature I see around me. I would love to see aurora borealis one day. In my free time, I volunteer at the National Building Museum (NBM) in DC which is dedicated to education in architecture and engineering. I've also helped with the Washington Architectural Foundation program called Architecture in Schools (AIS) where we attended local elementary for 10 weeks to teach children the basics of drawings, structures and constructing buildings. Both NBM and AIS programs are very rewarding and I have decided to take my volunteering a step further by participating in a BuildAbroad program to build a home in Haiti - please see my current fundraiser. I believe this trip will be unforgettable, mind-opening experience and a great opportunity to make a difference as well as learn about new country and its culture. Thank you for getting this far! Let's make a difference together!

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