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A Once in a Lifetime Chance: International Reporting while an undergrad

A Study/Degree Abroad Campaign in Jerusalem, Israel by Brandon Desiderio

Behind my campaign picture: why I chose it

November 30, 2012

The picture I chose for this campaign is emblematic of a turning point in my life - and my young professional career.

For my spring break in 2012, I traveled to San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala, as part of a service-based immersion trip. This was my first international experience, and my first taste of real America.

Did you know that Latin Americans consider themselves Americans? We're, by their terms, "North Americans." Which makes sense - and was a humbling, and eye-opening, experience into the world of Guatemala.

Simply put: My first international experience wasn't in London; it wasn't in Paris, or Berlin, nor Cancun or Montreal. It was in a third-world country - and I paid to go, instead of paying to spend my spring break relaxing on a beach.

This is what sets me apart from many on here. I am motivated, and I don't have my heart set on a life of luxury, nor one of 100% guaranteed safety or comfort. I constantly step outside of my comfort zone, outside of that which I know - and know well - and I go after my dreams.

That's the significance of this photo, taken in Guatemala the day I helped assemble a wood-burning stove for a family of indigenous Mayans.

(View picture here:

Brandon Desiderio

Radnor, Pennsylvania, United States of America

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