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FundMyTravel is an online crowdfunding platform specifically developed to suit the needs of individuals desiring to study or volunteer abroad.

The FundMyTravel Team.

As experienced international travelers we understand how important both cultural exchange and international education are on shaping an individual's academic, personal and professional lives. We also value the huge environmental, developmental and socio economic goals that can be achieved through volunteering abroad as well as the significant academic advantages that studying abroad provides.

At FundMyTravel our goal is to provide a platform for your friends and relatives to help fund your next meaningful travel experience.

Through our unique set of features, you can create a customizable campaign highlighting your destination, program type and reasons for wanting to study, volunteer, intern, take TEFL certification or experience eco-adventure abroad. Aside from setting an overall goal amount, you can also set individual itemized goals for donors to specifically contribute towards. In addition, users can also post updates and link their campaign through social media to expand their network.

Planning your travels abroad is not easy, so we want to make sure we're there to help you with it.

GoAbroad.comFundMyTravel is part of GoAbroad LLC. For fifteen years, has been the leading resource for meaningful travel and has helped millions of individuals to engage in international education and alternative travel. Through FundMyTravel GoAbroad aims to help and encourage more individuals to engage in meaningful travel experiences abroad - See the world!

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