Why FundMyTravel

We started FundMyTravel to give travelers their own platform for raising money. Large crowdfunding sites contain campaigns for everything from new businesses to community projects to family emergencies, making it complicated and challenging for travelers to find their voice.

In our conversations with people who want to study, intern, volunteer, or just travel abroad, many have told us that cost is a barrier. FundMyTravel makes it easy to budget for your trip, incentivize donors to contribute, and even request offline support. We believe in the power of travel and want to make it possible for anyone to take the trip of their dreams!

How it Works

  • Create Your Campaign

    It’s simple to start your fundraising page - tell people your story and get them excited about your trip! Be sure to complete your campaign by adding photos and videos, linking up your payment processor, and posting updates.
  • Spread the Word

    Easily share your campaign on through built-in social media and email buttons. This is one of the most important things you can do to boost your donations - people have to know about your campaign before they can fund it!
  • Get Funded

    Donations are automatically sent to your account - no waiting till you hit your full goal. You can also use your FundMyTravel page to track your offline support.
  • Cost

    It’s free to create an account and share your campaign. FundMyTravel takes 5% of all donations to keep the site running and to be able to provide technical and customer support. Payment processors also charge their own fees.