FundMyTravel FAQ

General Questions

  1. What is FundMyTravel?

    1. FundMyTravel is an online fundraising platform for travelers who want to raise funds for their domestic and international journeys. With the help of our unique and easy-to-use functionalities, fundraisers can easily create, share and collect donations for their fundraising pages! By using our social media tools, travelers can promote their fundraising campaigns to their network of family, friends, professional and personal contacts.
  2. How can I contact FundMyTravel?

    1. If you have any questions regarding your campaign, contribution or partnership opportunities, don’t hesitate to send us an email to
    2. If you want to know more about partnership opportunities, don’t hesitate to send us an email to
    3. If you want to know more about partnership opportunities, don’t hesitate to send us an email to

Travel Campaign

  1. Who can create an account on FundMyTravel?

    1. Anyone who is interested, has plans or will be traveling in the future can start a fundraising campaign through FundMyTravel. Just register a valid email address or sync your Facebook account with us to get started.
  2. How can I launch a fundraising page?

    1. It’s just easy. Tell your family and friends your travel destination, explain to them how meaningful this trip means to you, indicate the total amount you would be needing for your travel and you’re good to go! When you have successfully answered all the basic questions, you can then register your email address together with a valid WePay or PayPal account to start sharing your page with your social networks!
  3. Who determines my fundraising goal?

    1. As the fundraiser of the travel campaign, you should know what the expected costs are for your travel. We have arranged a campaign calculator so you can put a breakdown of what your expenses are while abroad. Whatever the sum total will serve as your total goal amount.
  4. Is time limit required for each campaign?

    1. Yes, there is a start and end date of a campaign. The moment your page goes public will be the start date of your campaign. All fundraising pages should only run for 120 days so make sure you make the most out of your 4-month campaign!
  5. Can I change my campaign deadline?

    1. Your campaign’s end date is final. So make sure that you have ample time to fundraise for your travel.
  6. Can I change my goal amount once launched?

    1. Once your fundraising page turns live, the goal amount cannot be changed. So, be careful on how much you would be putting on your Campaign Calculator.
  7. Can a Campaign be edited after launch?

    1. Yes, although there are only a number of elements that are editable after the campaign is launched, among them - Title, Travel Destination, Campaign Vanity URL, Categories, Travel Description, Photo and Online Links. There are 2 elements that are unchangeable once launched - Total Goal Amount and Campaign End Date.
  8. How can I share my Travel Campaign through social networking sites?

    1. You can promote and gain more support from your family and friends by using the different functionalities that we have provided on your page. You may share your page through different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Emailing your campaign page is also a big help as this creates a personal impression to the receiver.
  9. Can a fundraising campaign be deleted?

    1. Once a project has gone live and/or donations have been made, the project cannot be canceled. However, If cancellation of the page is irrepressible, please contact and indicate the reason for your request. Don’t forget to include the Title of your campaign that needs to be canceled. You will be responsible for refunding all the donations that have been sent to your account. The percentage for FundMyTravel and your processor’s fees may not be refundable.
  10. Can I run more than one campaign at the same time?

    1. Yes you can, however, the ideal is to have one campaign at a time. Splitting your campaign into several ventures will only divide your attention and support from your community. So, create a single great fundraising page and be active in marketing it!
  11. I am not from the US. Can I still use FundMyTravel to raise funds?

    1. Yes, the services of FundMyTravel are open to everybody who have the desire to travel whether locally or internationally. Just be sure to register a PayPal account that is Premium and Verified. PayPal currencies that are accepted on FundMyTravel are - US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling and Euro. Please make sure to include your chosen currency on your PayPal account.
  12. Do I have to pay back the funds at the end?

    1. No, the good thing about raising funds on FundMyTravel is we believe in the goodness and benevolence of your supporters. You can use the money donated by your donors in exchange of eternal gratitude for their generosity.
  13. How do I get to have my campaign to be featured on your website?

    1. Featured Campaigns are based on the travel campaign’s activities. More updates, more donations and better campaign presentation will give you better chances to be featured on our homepage. Don’t forget to take advantage of our social tools to drive more donors to your page. Always keep it fresh and dynamic!
  14. What if I reach my campaign goal before the deadline?

    1. That’s good news! Just keep on inspiring more people to donate to your page to raise more money. Your page will still be available for donation until the day you have indicated to end your campaign.
  15. Can campaigns raise more money than their goal?

    1. Of course. FundMyTravel does not stop you from getting a lot of love and support from your community. Your goal amount only serves as a guide on how much you need for your travel, however, if you receive more than what you indicated, that will not be a problem at all!
  16. What if I don’t meet my funding goal?

    1. All of the donations are sent to your WePay or PayPal account real time so you can disburse it right away. Use the money the wisest way possible so you can maximize all your earnings in the campaign!
  17. What if my campaign ends and I want to continue fundraising?

    1. You can always create a new Travel Campaign. Go through the "Create a Campaign" steps again without registering a new account. Complete the whole process and illustrate your need to fundraise again. Always keep it fresh, active and updated so more people can fund your travel.
  18. Can I try to make another campaign page if unsuccessful?

    1. Sure you can. You can go through the steps again without registering a new account. This time, be more active and make it work!
  19. I have added my email address on FundMyTravel however I did not receive any confirmation email. What to do?

    1. Make sure you have indicated your correct email address to receive the email. In some cases, you may need to check your Spam folder to see if the email went straight to your junk mail. In instances like this, please add our contact information to be able to receive emails from us in your inbox.

Account Settings

  1. Can I change my Profile Name?

    1. Yes, just log in to your account and access your Profile page so you can change your profile name.
  2. Can I change the email address associated with the account?

    1. Yes, just log in to your account using your original email address and change it on your Account Settings Page.
  3. I forgot my password, what will I do?

    1. Just click on Forgot Password at the log in page. The new password will then be sent to your registered email address which you can use to log in to your FundMyTravel account. Don’t forget to change your password once you are in.
  4. I’ll be postponing my trip overseas. How do I cancel my current campaign with FundMyTravel?

    1. You need to send an email to and indicate your purpose of canceling your campaign with us. Additionally, please specify the campaign you would like to be removed. You are responsible for refunding all the donations that have been sent to your WePay or PayPal account. However, the transaction fees for FundMyTravel and your payment processor are non-refundable.
  5. Do I need to complete my Profile on FundMyTravel?

    1. It is encouraged that you complete your Profile page and add your social media sites to show credibility on your page. In addition to that, your page will look more personal to your potential donors.


  1. How much does FundMyTravel charge on each campaign?

    1. Registering an account with FundMyTravel and launching a fundraising page is free. However, FundMyTravel gets 5% on each donation transaction for each campaign.
  2. Does WePay or PayPal charge any fees?

    1. WePay deducts 2.9% + .30 for every donation that goes through for each campaign page whether the goal was met or not. For more information, please see here.
    2. PayPal deducts 2.9% + .30 for each donation transaction that goes through whether the goal was met or not. For more information, please see here.
  3. What are the breakdown of fees?

    1. 5% FundMyTravel Fee - FundMyTravel charges 5% of each donation you receive with or without reaching your financial goal.
    2. 2.9% + .30 WePay/PayPal Fee - WePay and PayPal charge 2-3% on the donations made to your account. Depending on how much money was raised, this could also be lowered down when you have raised a larger amount.
  4. Why does FundMyTravel charge a transaction fee?

    1. FundMyTravel was built to make your fundraising activity smooth, easy and fun. The transaction fee from FundMyTravel is for developing, maintaining and hosting the website to deliver a seamless avenue for fundraising. Not only that, this is also to provide the best customer experience for our users and a secure payment solution through WePay and PayPal.

Managing Your Funds

  1. How do I receive the funds generated from my fundraising page?

    1. Upon the launch of your campaign, you should have indicated your preferred payment processor that will handle your funds. All the donation money that goes through your page will be directed to your processor in realtime.
  2. What if my fundraising campaign doesn’t reach its funding goal?

    1. Whether you hit your goal amount or not, your total collated funds would have been sent to your WePay or PayPal account. Everytime there is a donation, it will be sent to your chosen account immediately so you will still receive all the donations collected through your FundMyTravel page.
  3. Where can I check the status of my funds?

    1. You can check it out on your Funders tab once you are logged in. You may also want to access your WePay or PayPal account for all the contributions.
  4. Can I see a breakdown of how much has been donated to my campaign page?

    1. Yes, every time there is a donation, it shows up on your Funders tab with the donor’s details (name, email address, donation amount) included.
  5. One of my friends donated but it’s not showing on my page. What do I do?

    1. Please contact and indicate the title of your campaign for easy search. Please don’t forget to include the name, email address of the donor and an estimated time when the donation took place. Our tech team will check into the issue and will give you a feedback as soon as possible.
  6. My page has an error message when someone tries to donate. What to do?

    1. There could be instances when your WePay/PayPal account will have verification or activation issues. We will send an email to your registered email address with specific steps on how to fix the issue. Only once you have resolved the error will you be able to accept donations on your page.

For Donors

  1. How do I donate to a campaign?

    1. Access the campaign page that you would like to donate to. Click on the Fund Campaign button and write the desired amount you want to give. Continue to include your personal information until you are asked for your credit card details. Once your payment has been successfully processed, a confirmation will be sent to the email address you have provided.
  2. Who can donate to a campaign?

    1. Anyone with a big heart and who owns a working Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover Card. Wherever you are located in the world, you can easily donate to a campaign using the convenience of our easy to use donation tool. Please note that you don’t need to create a WePay or PayPal account just to be able to contribute to a campaign. All you need to provide are your credit card details.
  3. If I make a donation, when will my credit card be charged?

    1. Credit card transactions take less than a minute to process. Charges are done real time so if your donation went through successfully, then the payment processor will charge your card right away. This will then be instantly deposited into the fundraiser’s account.
  4. Can I donate anonymously?

    1. Yes, there is an option for you to stay anonymous should you want to have your name undisclosed. You only need to click on the Anonymous button when making the donation.
  5. Will you show how much I donated?

    1. Yes, the donation amount will be publicly displayed on the fundraiser's page. Even if you chose to stay anonymous, the amount will still be viewed by the public.
  6. Can I donate by sending a check or cash by mail?

    1. Unfortunately, at this point, only credit card payments will be accepted through WePay or PayPal by FundMyTravel. You may send checks, however, they should be addressed specifically to the fundraiser.
  7. Can I change my donation amount after it has been processed?

    1. All contributions are final and irreversible. Donations are generally non-refundable unless otherwise stated by the card processor.
  8. Are donations refundable?

    1. Contributions and donations are final. Once WePay or PayPal has successfully processed the card, the money will then be instantly deposited into the fundraiser’s account. When you contribute an amount, it means that you are committed to helping the traveler actualize their dreams of journeying abroad. That’s the reason why we discourage refunding.
  9. Are my donations tax deductible?

    1. FundMyTravel does not hold a 501(c)(3) status. All donations made on the site are not tax deductible. This is because you are donating to an individual. FundMyTravel only serves as a medium to manage all donations received.
  10. I’m outside the US. Can I still donate to a fundraising campaign?

    1. Of course. FundMyTravel accepts donations from anywhere in the world. With the help of WePay/PayPal, you can easily process your donation with just a couple of clicks. All you need is a valid credit card so you can contribute to your friend’s page. However, since you are located overseas, international transaction fees may apply.
  11. What to do if I have questions about a fundraiser’s campaign?

    1. You can place a comment on the campaign page of the Fundraiser. Or you can also leave a message to the fundraiser after completing a donation on the page. You can ask questions about the campaign itself or the travel.
  12. Do I need to have a WePay or PayPal account to be able to donate?

    1. No, the convenience of donating through FundMyTravel is that you don’t need to have an account with WePay or PayPal to be able to make a donation. All you need to do is provide a valid credit card number and complete the transaction process and you’re good to go! Once the transaction is successfully processed, an email will be sent to your registered email address.
  13. Do I need to be a member of FundMyTravel to be able to donate?

    1. No, you don’t need to create an account with FundMyTravel. Only those wanting to start a fundraising campaign shall start a new account with us.
  14. What happens after I donate to a campaign?

    1. The amount you have donated will show up in the campaign page (Funders Tab) of the Fundraiser. In addition, an email from the payment processor and will also be sent as a confirmation of the donation.
  15. What if my payment gets declined?

    1. You will be notified right away if your credit card gets declined by the donation processor. In cases like this, no amount will be debited from your credit card. You need to have a working credit card with enough money on the account to make a donation.
  16. Where does the money go if the goal is not met?

    1. Whether the goal is met or not, the money will still be directed to the fundraiser’s account. This is minus the 5% fee for FundMyTravel and donation processing fees.
  17. Can I share the travel campaign page to my own network who might also be interested in donating?

    1. Sure you can. It is encouraged that you share the campaign page to your own web of linkage. In each campaign, there are buttons that have been provided for you to be able to share the page with your own network of family and friends. This is the goal of FundMyTravel - to broaden the fundraiser’s network as much as possible. This way, you’re helping the traveler raise their chances of meeting their goal.
  18. I have successfully donated but it does not show on the campaign page. Why?

    1. Please send an email to containing the name of the fundraiser and transaction details with the name of the donor, the amount you have donated and the date and time of the transaction. We will look into the matter and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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