FundMyTravel FAQ

Getting Started

  1. What is FundMyTravel?

    1. FundMyTravel is an online fundraising platform for groups or individuals who want to raise funds for their domestic and international journeys, or other meaningful travel-related projects.
    2. With our unique and easy-to-use functionalities, fundraisers can create and share personal campaign pages, get creative with incentive ideas and use the Fundraiser’s Toolkit, to reach out to networks and begin collecting donations.
  2. How can I contact FundMyTravel?

    1. If you are inquiring about your fundraising campaign page or a donation that was made, please send an email to
    2. If you are an educational institution, program provider or another organization in support of meaningful travel experiences, you can inquire about our partnership opportunities by filling out the FundMyTravel Partnership Inquiry Form.

Setting Up an Account and Campaign Page

  1. Who can create an account on FundMyTravel?

    1. Any motivated individual or group, pursuing a legitimate meaningful travel experience in the near future may register an account with FundMyTravel and then launch a fundraising campaign.
    2. To get started, users have the option to register with FundMyTravel by syncing their Facebook account or by completing our registration process with a valid email address.
  2. How do I launch a fundraising page?

    1. Simply click on the Create a Campaign button. We will walk you through the three step campaign creation form and help you fill out all of the information you need - each campaign will have the option to be saved on Draft or to be launched as a live site right away.
    2. To be able to receive donations, US users will need a registered WePay account and international users will need a registered Stripe or PayPal account.
    3. WePay, Stripe and PayPal are referred to as your payment processors and you will need to connect this payment processor account with your campaign page in order to receive donations.
  3. How should I calculate my fundraising goal?

    1. FundMyTravel offers a unique campaign calculator to help you figure out your goal amount. These expenses are then broken down on your campaign page, in a way that is easy for your donors to read.
    2. Consider your basic needs and their costs first: airfare, visa, passport, materials for community service or study, accommodation, and any program fees associated with your journey.
    3. Be sure to plan out and decide on a campaign goal amount ahead of time. Consider: how long you will be fundraising, what is a reasonable amount to request based on this time frame and your needs. Remember that it is better to set a more moderate goal amount than one which is too large.
    4. Over-reaching or exceptionally large campaign goals can be intimidating for potential donors and discourage them from giving.
    5. You will be able to continue receiving funds for as long as your campaign page is open, even once your goal amount is reached. These additional funds will be reflected on your campaign progress bar, as exceeding your goal amount. This kind of progress is exciting and motivating for donors.
    6. Some of the most successful campaigns on FundMyTravel have set goal amounts varying between $300- $10,000.00, and exceeded their goals.
    7. Users are permitted and encouraged to factor the processing and administrative fees of the website into their campaign goal amount.
  4. Is there a time limit required for each fundraising campaign?

    1. WePay and Stripe users can run their fundraising pages for a maximum length of 360 days. Campaigns using PayPal are restricted to a maximum of 120 days. Campaigns can be shorter, but it is important to plan your fundraising strategy, according to the timeline designated to your campaign page and your travel departure date.
    2. Your campaign period will begin as soon as you click “Launch Campaign,” however, campaigns can also be put on Draft mode should there be some items that you needed to think on. Draft campaigns do not follow the 360 day rule unless published and becomes accessible to the public. FundMyTravel recommends that users plan to run their fundraising campaigns well ahead of their actual travel date, to assure enough time for the collection of funds prior to departing for their meaningful travel experience.
  5. Can I change my campaign end date?

    1. No, the campaign end date becomes final once the campaign is “launched”, so make sure that you have selected a timeframe which provides ample time to fundraise for your meaningful travel experience.
  6. Can I change my goal amount once launched?

    1. Yes, you can log in to your account and edit the amount per item on your Cost Calculator. You can also add or remove any item from your list.
    2. It is best to have a goal amount, which is lower, as opposed to higher than necessary, because donors are more inclined to contribute to a reasonably budgeted goal amount than one that is too large.
  7. Can a campaign page be edited after launch?

    1. Yes, there are specific elements of the campaign page, which can be edited post launch. These include: Title, Travel Destination, Cost Calculator, Travel Categories, Campaign Description, Photo and Video Uploads, Updates Section, Adventure Registry, Perks and Online Links.
    2. The elements, which cannot be changed once the campaign page is launched include: Rewards that have been claimed and the Campaign End Date.
  8. What does a Draft campaign mean?

    1. Saving your campaign on Draft means that it will stay unpublished, private and only viewable when you are logged in to your account. Other visitors will not be able to access your campaign page unless you launch and make it public. If a campaign is still on Draft mode, all the elements are still editable and open for deletion.
  9. Can a Draft campaign be edited?

    1. All items on a Draft campaign can be edited and changed. A draft campaign does not fall under the 360-day campaign period rule and can be deleted anytime. Once a draft campaign page is published and becomes publicly available, only a few selected items can then be edited.
  10. How can I share my Travel Campaign through social networking sites?

    1. You may share your page through different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, by using the social media and sharing buttons located on the main campaign page, at the left side of your image/video area, or through the Updates section.
    2. For best donation results, all social media sharing should be complemented with personalized outreach through email and other Inbox messaging. This conveys a more meaningful request to the donor and moves them to contribute, more than a mass mailing or general status notification will.
  11. Can a fundraising campaign be deleted?

    1. A campaign page can be deleted by the fundraiser whether this is still active or closed so long as there are no donations on it. You just need to go to your profile section and click on the Trash icon to delete the page. Once donations have been contributed, the campaign page cannot be closed or deleted. If you have a special request and have a reason for the cancellation of your campaign page, please contact When submitting any requests, be sure to include the title of your campaign page and the reason for your cancellation request.
    2. If your campaign is deemed eligible for cancellation and if donations have already been received, you are responsible for contacting all contributors to your campaign about the change and refunding all relevant donations that have been collected to your payment processor account.
    3. In the case that a campaign is cancelled and donations are to be refunded, the FundMyTravel administrative fee and your payment processor’s fees may not be refundable.
    4. Please consult the FundMyTravel Terms of Service for further details as agreed to, by all campaigners and donors regarding refund policies and processes.
  12. Can I run more than one campaign at the same time?

    1. While users of FundMyTravel are capable of running more than one campaign at the same time, it is discouraged as this is proven to be an ineffective and poor strategy in terms of reaching campaign success.
    2. Splitting your campaign efforts into several online ventures will only divide your attention and is likely to confuse your supporting community.
    3. The ideal scenario is to run only one campaign at a time, market this single campaign through multiple channels and efforts, then combine this online campaign with offline fundraising efforts as well to promote further awareness of your meaningful travel plans and online project.
  13. Can I still use FundMyTravel even if I am not from the US?

    1. Yes, FundMyTravel is accessible to international users, which the payment processor Stripe and PayPal serve. Be sure to register a Stripe or PayPal account that is Premium and Verified.
    2. Stripe and PayPal currencies accepted on FundMyTravel include: US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling and the Euro.
    3. Be sure to indicate your chosen currency on your Stripe and PayPal account settings.
  14. What if I don’t reach my goal?

    1. FundMyTravel campaign pages are developed around the “flexible funding” model. This means that campaigners keep what they raise, whether they reach their total amount goal or only a portion of it.
    2. Consider what factors contributed to your goal not being met and make a note of these lessons learned for the next time you fundraise. You are always welcome back to create another campaign page but be sure to do some things differently the next time; use all of the Resources from FundMyTravel, like the Fundraiser’s Toolkit and be sure to stay engaged throughout your entire campaign, with frequent communication to your donors.
  15. How do I get my campaign page to be featured on your website?

    1. Featured campaigns are chosen based on specific criteria for eligibility. Our system was designed with an algorithm to recognize highly funded and most popular campaigns to be put on the homepage.
    2. Criteria for featured campaign pages include but are not limited to: a completed campaign page and profile section with all fields filled out, social media links attached, photos and/or video uploaded, with a clear campaign description, explaining the purpose and value of your meaningful travel experience. The campaign should also have at least 18% of its goal amount raised and include the use of its Updates section, with clear efforts to engage donors, reflected in the number of social media shares, and frequency of Updates posted.
  16. What if I reach my campaign goal before the deadline?

    1. Congratulations on your success and continue raising more funds until your campaign end date. You are always able to exceed the goal amount designated to your campaign page.
    2. Use the Updates section to inform your campaign viewers that you have reached your goal with their help and will continue raising funds with a new goal in mind. Indicate this new goal amount and share the Update with your networks using the social media buttons, directly within your Updates section.
    3. Continue outreach to personal and extended networks to inform them of your progress as well as what you will use the additional funds for, during your travels.
  17. Can campaigns exceed their initial goal amount?

    1. Yes. The campaign page is still capable of accepting donations even after the goal amount has been reached.
  18. What if my campaign ends and I want to continue fundraising?

    1. You can opt to start a new fundraising page since you already have a registered account with FundMyTravel. All you need to do is go through the "Start Fundraising" form once more, develop a new campaign page with a unique description and video upload, then keep it active and frequently updated so more people can get involved and support your meaningful travel plans.
  19. I’m new to fundraising and I’m not so sure how to run an online campaign. Can you help me?

    1. Definitely. Check out the Resources section at the top of our website and select the Fundraiser’s Toolkit that we’ve put together. There you will find a guide to help you make the most of FundMyTravel’s platform and better understand how fundraising - online or offline - really works.
    2. The toolkit contains crowdfunding tips, creative ideas and unique strategies to help you reach your goal amount as effectively as possible.
  20. What is Adventure Registry?

    1. Any item that you wish to receive or borrow from sponsors can be listed on your Adventure Registry. These are the items that don’t fit on your campaign calculator or are not necessary to be funded. Rather, these could represent the items that are not monetary in nature and can be in any form i.e. airmiles, camera, tripod, etc.
    2. Your Adventure Registry may also contain a list of what you have already received for your travel fund. This include but not limited to scholarships, loans, grants, and offline donations.
  21. What are Rewards?

    1. Donation Rewards are what you give out in exchange of the donations you receive from your community. They incentivize the donation process, allowing the donors to feel more connected to your cause because of the items they would be receiving afterwards.
    2. They are meant to attract your page visitors to become donors because of the rewards they will be receiving after their donation - the bigger the donation, the higher the perk value is.

Account Settings

  1. Can I change my Profile Name?

    1. Yes, just log into your account, access your Profile page and use the edit function to change your profile name.
    2. Keep in mind that the more complete and consistent your profile section remains from the start, the more accountable and trustworthy your page appears to potential donors.
  2. Can I change the email address associated with the account?

    1. No. For security and transparency reasons, Users are not allowed to change their registered email address. Further, your registered email address will be used by FundMyTravel to send updates, notifications and other messages pertinent to your account and campaign. The email you have registered will be used throughout the entire campaign period.
  3. I forgot my password, what should I do?

    1. Simply click on the “Forgot Password” link on the log-in window. A temporary password will be sent to the email address, which you have registered with FundMyTravel.
    2. Use this temporary password to log-in to your FundMyTravel account and be sure to change it to a new and secure password once you are logged-in.
  4. Do I need to complete my Profile on FundMyTravel?

    1. Yes. While your campaign page will still function with a less complete profile section, the success rate of campaigns with incomplete profile sections is significantly less. Incomplete profiles make a campaign page appear less trustworthy.
    2. From the donor’s perspective, if a campaigner cannot take the time to complete their profile section then the donor may question why it is worth their own time and investment to support this campaign page.
    3. To increase your success odds with a completed profile section, be sure to include a profile photo and links to your social media channels including any blogs you may have or plan to keep during your meaningful travel experience.


  1. What are FundMyTravel’s administrative fees?

    1. While it is free to create an account on FundMyTravel and even to launch a campaign page, once a campaign begins receiving donations, FundMyTravel remits 5% of each donation, (e.g. when a donation of $10 is made, 50 cents from this donation is sent to FundMyTravel).
  2. Why does FundMyTravel charge an administrative fee?

    1. FundMyTravel was built to provide a unique crowdfunding platform along with the appropriate user support services to make meaningful travel more accessible through fundraising. In order to keep the fundraising activity on our site smooth, easy and fun, our services require an experienced team of developers, designers, programmers, user support representatives and marketing managers.
    2. The administrative fee from FundMyTravel is used for making continuous developments, improvements, maintenance and hosting of the website, so that we can deliver a high functioning and quality controlled avenue for online fundraising. Not only that, but in order to host a successful crowdfunding site, it is essential to work with trusted payment processors. Collecting an administrative fee supports FundMyTravel’s own transaction costs, associated with using payment processors as a business. This allows us to provide a better customer experience for our users and secure payment solutions through WePay, Stripe and PayPal.
  3. Do the payment processors charge any fees?

    1. WePay is the payment processor designated for users in the United States. WePay deducts 2.9% + .30 off of each donation that they process. For more information about WePay and its services, please visit their site here.
    2. Stripe and PayPal are the payment processors designated for users located outside of the United States. Stripe has its own set of international fees which you can read more about here. PayPal deducts 3.9% + a specific amount of cents, based on currency off of each donation they process internationally. For more information about PayPal and its services, please visit their site here.

Managing Your Collected Funds

  1. How do I receive the funds raised from my FundMyTravel campaign page?

    1. Upon creating your campaign, it is necessary to attach a payment processor account (WePay, Stripe or PayPal.) This account collects all of the donation funds that come through your campaign page. These funds are directed to your payment processor account in realtime.
  2. When do I receive the donations sent to my page?

    1. Immediately. Since you have linked your payment processor to your campaign page, all the donations will be forwarded to your payment account in realtime.
    2. You don’t need to wait until the end of your campaign period to receive the funds. You can log in to your payment account to check on your funds anytime.
  3. How do I withdraw my funds from the payment processor account?

    1. Depending on your payment processor (WePay, Stripe or PayPal), the process for withdrawal will be slightly different. The most current information to address this question is available on your payment processor’s website. To view details about the withdrawal process on WePay, click here. To view details on how and when you will receive your Stripe funds, please click here. To view details about the withdrawal process on PayPal, click here.
    2. Typically, once you log into your payment processor website/account, there is a function for you to “withdraw” the funds held in that account to your bank account. You can attach your bank account to the payment processor account simply by providing the requested details within your payment processor account settings.
    3. In WePay, you will find the withdrawal function by clicking into your Settings gear in the upper right hand corner of your account page. From there, you can follow the steps to attach your bank account, if you have not done so already.
    4. In Stripe, you can log in to your Dashboard and click under Transfer. There, you will find the option to add a bank account at the top.
    5. In PayPal, you should find a “withdraw” section towards the top of your account page, once logged in. From there, you can follow the steps as prompted, to connect your bank account and withdraw the funds in your payment processor account to your bank account.
    6. Transferring funds from your payment processor account to your bank account may take 3-5 business days, so it is advised to attach your bank account with your payment processor at the start of your campaign and withdraw the funds according to your preferred timeline, with consideration for your travel dates kept in mind.
  4. What if my campaign page doesn’t reach its funding goal?

    1. Whether you reach your goal amount or not, your collated funds are sent to your payment processor account in real time so you will still receive any donations collected through your FundMyTravel campaign page.
  5. Where can I check the status of my funds?

    1. Each campaign page should have their own dashboard which is only accessible when you are logged in. The dashboard will contain significant information about your fundraising page and based on our algorithm, FundMyTravel will be able to determine the strength of your page. The dashboard will carry a bulletin of your total donations, messages, updates, views, and shares among others.
    2. Another space which will be helpful for tracking your donations and the contact details for those who have contributed to your campaign page, is your payment processor account. You can log in and view the transactions or account statement on your payment processor to find details regarding the date, amount and source of your donations.
  6. Where can I find a breakdown of how much has been donated to my campaign page and by whom?

    1. Each time a donation is made to your campaign page, it is posted with the donor’s name in the Funders' section on your campaign page. Simply check the Funders tab on your campaign page to see all of your donations.
  7. What if a donor disputes a donation and says the donation is fraudulent?

    1. Our payment processors have their own security measures to prevent fraudulent donations. In the event that a donor disputes a donation transaction, FundMyTravel will notify the payment processor so they can make the necessary actions including processing refunds.

For Donors

  1. How can I donate to a FundMyTravel campaign page?

    1. Access the campaign page that you would like to donate to via the link that you have been provided.
    2. You can also use the search function on our website and use the fundraiser’s name or the campaign title as your search keywords. Then select the campaign page you are looking for from the search results.
    3. Once you are on the campaign page you wish to donate to, simply click on the bright blue “Donate” button and input the desired donation amount you wish to contribute.
    4. Continue to complete the donation form with your personal details and credit card information. Once your payment has been successfully processed, a confirmation message will be sent to the email address you provided on the donation form. Your donation will show on the campaign “Funders” Tab with the date and amount you contributed.
  2. Who can donate to a campaign?

    1. Anyone with a big heart and who owns a working Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover Card can donate to the fundraising campaigns on FundMyTravel. You can contribute on any open campaign page, just by using our simplified donation tool and your credit card.
    2. Please note that you do not need to create a WePay, Stripe or PayPal account in order to make a donation on FundMyTravel.
  3. Once I make a donation, when will my credit card be charged?

    1. Credit card transactions take less than a minute to process and campaigners on FundMyTravel keep whatever funds they raise, whether they reach their goal or not. This is called flexible funding.
    2. Because we work with a flexible/”keep what is raised” model, donation charges to your credit card occur in real-time.
    3. As long as the donation is processed successfully, the payment processor will charge your credit card straight away. The donation amount less processing fees, will then be instantly deposited into the fundraiser’s payment processor account.
    4. For more information about associated fees, please see the section above labeled, Fees. You can also review the FundMyTravel Terms of Service for further donor/contributor information.
    5. Please note that it is expected and required for all users of FundMyTravel to read and agree to FundMyTravel’s Terms of Service, as transparency regarding our policies is very important to us.
  4. Can I donate anonymously?

    1. Yes, FundMyTravel provides the option for your name to be hidden, should you wish for that information to remain undisclosed. Simply tick the “Make Me Anonymous” box, located to the right of the name section on your donation form.
  5. Will my donation amount be reflected on the campaign page?

    1. Yes, the donation amount will be publicly displayed on the fundraiser's page. Even if you select for your name to be listed as anonymous, the donation amount will still be viewable by the public.
  6. Can I donate by sending a check or cash by mail?

    1. At this point in time, only credit card payments can be accepted and processed to be displayed on FundMyTravel campaign pages.
    2. Of course, it is possible and you have the option to send your contribution via standard mail to a FundMyTravel campaigner, but these contributions must be addressed and sent specifically to the fundraiser and not to FundMyTravel.
    3. A campaigner can write an Update about offline donations, but these amounts will not be reflected in the online campaign’s progress bar.
  7. Can I change my donation amount after it has been processed?

    1. All contributions are final and irreversible, once processed.
    2. As noted in our Terms of Service, donations are generally non-refundable unless there has been a technical error, campaign cancellation, or in the case that proof of unapproved credit card use has been provided, for dispute of the charge.
    3. FundMyTravel will review charge cancellations and refund requests on a case-by-case basis. They will be handled as appropriate and consistent with our Terms of Service.
  8. Are donations refundable?

    1. All contributions and donations processed through FundMyTravel and the associated payment processors are final.
    2. Once WePay, Stripe or PayPal has successfully processed the credit card charge, funds are instantly deposited into the campaigner’s account.
    3. For more information regarding refund policies, please review the FundMyTravel Terms of Service.
  9. Are my donations tax deductible?

    1. No. FundMyTravel does not hold a 501(c)(3) status. All donations made through the website are considered individual gifts to the campaigners and are therefore not tax deductible.
  10. I am located outside of the US. Can I still donate to a fundraising campaign?

    1. Absolutely, FundMyTravel proudly serves an international community. All you need to donate is a valid Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover credit card, so that you can contribute using our simplified donation form.
    2. Please note that donations in foreign currencies or contributed from international sources may be subject to international transaction fees. Please check with your bank to learn more about their fees.
  11. What if I have questions or comments about a fundraiser’s campaign?

    1. If your question is specifically for the fundraiser, you can leave a message in the comments section of their campaign page.
    2. If you have a question related to the functions of FundMyTravel which are not addressed on this page or within the FundMyTravel Terms of Service, you can write a message to
  12. Do I need to have a WePay, Stripe or PayPal account to be able to donate?

    1. No, the convenience of donating through FundMyTravel is that you don’t need to have an account with WePay, Stripe or PayPal to be able to make a donation.
    2. All you need is to provide valid credit card detail and you’re good to go! Once the transaction is successfully processed, a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address.
  13. Do I need to be a member of FundMyTravel to be able to donate?

    1. No. You don’t need to create an account with FundMyTravel in order to contribute. Only users wishing to launch a fundraising campaign need to register an account with us.
  14. What happens after I donate to a campaign?

    1. The amount you have donated will reflect on the Funders' Tab of the campaign page to which you contributed. You should also receive a confirmation email from the payment processor, which will act as your payment receipt.
  15. What if my payment gets declined?

    1. You will be notified right away if the payment processor declines your credit card. In this scenario, no amount will be debited from your credit card. Should you need further support with your donation process, please send an email to
  16. Where does the money go if the campaign goal is not reached?

    1. Whether the goal reached or not, all donations less processing and administrative fees collected will still be received into the fundraiser’s payment processor account.
  17. I want to send non-monetary donations to a fundraiser. What to do?

    1. You may refer to the Adventure Registry and sponsor items that the fundraiser needs for the trip. Choose the item you want to sponsor and add a message on how you can send it to the campaigner.
  18. Can I share the travel campaign page with my own networks who may also be interested in donating?

    1. Please do! Sharing a campaign page along with a personal message or request for support of the fundraiser is another great way to contribute to the campaigner’s project.
    2. Once you donate, it is encouraged that you share the campaign page with your own networks to help the campaigner reach a broader audience. Extended networks are also more likely to donate if they see the name of someone from their inner circle who has already contributed.
    3. Within each campaign page and Updates section, there are social sharing tools that have been provided for you to easily send the page link, out to your own group of family and friends.
    4. A major goal at FundMyTravel is to broaden the fundraiser’s network with these tools. This way, you can also help the traveler increase their chances of reaching the campaign goal amount by spreading awareness of their campaign with a wider audience.
  19. I have successfully donated but it does not show on the campaign page. Why?

    1. Please send an email to containing the name of the fundraiser and their campaign title, as well as your transaction details, including the amount you have donated, the name listed with your donation, the date and time of your transaction. The FundMyTravel team will investigate the matter immediately and respond with your resolution as soon as possible.
  20. I donated to a fundraising page that has been cancelled, now what?

    1. In the case that a fundraiser needs to cancel their campaign after it has already received donations, FundMyTravel sends out a notification to all of their donors which informs them about the cancellation and refunding process.
    2. Since funds are processed and transferred in real-time, they are already within the campaigner’s possession, so it becomes their responsibility to handle the refunding process.
    3. FundMyTravel will support and provide the campaigner with any details they need to execute these refunds appropriately, less the non-refundable processing and administrative fees, but all communications between the campaigner and donor regarding the refunds will exclude FundMyTravel.
    4. For more information about refund processes, campaign cancellation policies and/or processing and administrative fees associated with the use of FundMyTravel, be sure to review our Terms of Service.
  21. I believe that a campaigner is a fraud. What to do?

    1. FundMyTravel takes every step to make sure that we investigate fundraisers and their causes. However, inasmuch as we want to gather all valid information about a fundraiser, we cannot claim the accuracy of all campaign pages.
    2. We highly recommend that you donate to a campaigner you know and trust. As a precautionary tip, check out the profile page of a campaigner, visit his/her social media channels and investigate on his/her verifications and qualifications.
    3. In case you have encountered a fake campaign after your verification, please send a message via our “Report” tab. Enter your name, email and your message stating the reason why you deem the page as fraudulent.
    4. Once we hear from you, the FundMyTravel team will reach out to the fundraiser and make the necessary action. While the campaign page is under investigation, the campaign page will still be active and open for donations. After we can confirm that the page is fraudulent, it will be taken off the site immediately.