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Spring Semester in London!

A Study/Degree Abroad Campaign in London, United Kingdom by Nicole Correa

Spring Semester in London!

About this campaign

After many years of wanting to visit the United Kingdom I finally am! But sadly I don't have as much money due to the cost and my family's financial woes. My dream is to live and work in the United Kingdom in the non-profit or charitable services. Going abroad is the best way to learn if I can really handle living there!

Campaign Started

November 09, 2012 UTC -7 hours

Campaign Ends

January 01, 2013 UTC -7 hours

Travel Destinations

  • London, United Kingdom





CISabroad provides and packages affordable opportunities and experiences to “make you a part of the world and the world a part of you.” Our program locations are carefully selected to ensure that they are: interesting and easy to navigate; intellectually challenging and culturally stimulating and, most importantly, stable and safe.

Campaign Closed

$ 98


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Campaign Expenses
  • tooltip Program Fee $ 1,000
  • Goal Amount$ 1,000

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