"Vou a Brasil!" Help Grace Travel to Brazil: Summer 2015

Grace Slawski Start Date: Dec 1, 2014 - End Date: Mar 30, 2015
  • Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

My Travel Story

by: Grace Slawski Start Date: Dec 1, 2014 - End Date: Mar 30, 2015
This summer, I have the unique opportunity to study in Florianópolis, Brazil through a 4-week summer study abroad program offered by the University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC). There are numerous reasons that compel me to pack my bags and fly to Brazil this summer.

First, it is required for my BA/MA program in Latin American studies (FILAS) that I study abroad. I am in need for one more study abroad credit, but I cannot study abroad during the school year. This would be an epic opportunity to receive credit for my major!

Second, learning Portuguese in Brazil would help me prepare for my career. In the future, I plan to obtain a PhD in Linguistics, and I will need to be proficient in not only English and Spanish, but a third language. Given that I plan to focus my career on Latin American and Caribbean immigrants in the US, it would be an ultimate benefit to learn Portuguese and be able research speaking-habits amongst Brazilian immigrants. Notwithstanding, Brazil's influence in the world is increasing and it is more crucial than ever to learn the language. Thus, it seems a given that I study Portuguese to help me during my PhD. 

Third, aside from professional reasons, I have a lot of personal motiviation to learn the language. In addition to enrolling in an Accelerated Portuguese course here at the University of Miami, I've spent countless hours over the last two years on Rosetta Stone, livemocha.com and Duolingo learning Portuguese. I even have a Brazilian Skype partner I talk with once a week through the Teletandem program (whom I hope to meet if I go to Brazil!). And let's be honest, being trilingual would be pretty awesome. I have wanted to learn the language for so long now and I am determined to become nearly fluent. 

Lastly, this program through USAC would give me an awesome opportunity to experience life in Brazil. I would have the opportunity to live in a homestay for a month, where I could live with a Brazilian host family and speak Portuguese for 4-weeks. I also would have the opportunity to volunteer during my time abroad and interact with the local community. As a passionate volunteer, I would definitely use the opportunity to help give back and learn more about the social problems impacting the area. 

This is a unique opportunity to study in Florianópolis, Brazil for a month. I may never have the chance to live and learn in Brazil again. So the real question is what are you waiting for, help fund my travel abroad!

Thank you, muchas gracias, muito obrigada!

  • Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil


  • Down Payment Paid!

    As the days creep by, my trip is increasingly becoming a reality. I just placed my down payment on the trip. I also officially decided last night that I am going to sign up for a homestay and live with a Brazilian family while I'm in Floripa. 

    With only 6 days left of my fundraising campaign, I can't say how much every little donation will help me pursue my goals. I'm still waiting for some scholarship decisions, and I'm working as many hours as I can at my job, but nonetheless any donation would come a long way towards helping me finance my flight and my Portuguese language textbook. Remember any donation of $5 or more will guarantee you a customized photo that I will take in Brazil along with a personalized thank you card!
  • Portuguese Class Here I Come!

    Every day my dream is looking a little more like my reality :) This week I was registered for my Portuguese course in Brazil! Estou muito animada (I'm really excited)!