Study Abroad Program 2018: Cultural Analysis of Belize.

Sammi Brown Start Date: Sep 29, 2017 - End Date: Dec 7, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Sammi Brown Start Date: Sep 29, 2017 - End Date: Dec 7, 2017
As a junior at Loras College, it would impact my aspirations as a future psychologist and sociologist greatly to be able to experience the cultures, values, and all around way of living of the individuals residing in Belize. With your help, I would be able to bring our societal values and insight into these persons' everyday experiences, as well as aiding myself to integrate and learn from them. This is a very effective way for me to create connections from what I hope to learn in Belize, to my future profession of providing resources and uncovering how values play an important role in individual quest of maturation. I have a great interest in studying in Belize, amongst other places, because of the underlying apprecation of cultural relevance that the country of Belize contains. If granted this great oppurtunity, this will be my first educational occurence outside of the United States borders; therefore, it is that much more significant that I will be granted the privilege of encountering this with my Loras classmates who have share common asperations.