Help me to help save our animals

Kady Goodwin Start Date: Jul 20, 2023 - End Date: Sep 1, 2024
  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

My Travel Story

by: Kady Goodwin Start Date: Jul 20, 2023 - End Date: Sep 1, 2024

Hi everyone, 

My name is Kady and I live in the UK. In February 2024 I will be leaving my home comforts behind and swapping my heels for walking boots while I embark on an exciting adventure! I will be travelling to Victoria falls, Zimbabwe to volunteer on an wildlife conservation site which aims to protect the natural environment and all of the creatures that call it home. For two weeks I will call Stanley and livingstone private game reserve my home and will be working tirelessly to complete tasks such as;
Waterhole creation, maintenance and monitoring 
Animal and bird tracking and counting
Upkeep of river crossings 
Alien vegetation removal 
General clean up of the reserve and surrounding areas
Along with camping on the grounds and so much more ! 

During my time here I will also spend 1 day a week in a local school educating children on the importance of protecting our precious wildlife. 

The animals on the reserve include: elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and the critically endangered black rhino to which this particular reserve is now an intensive protection zone for.

Without the help of the volunteers within this programme, future generations may never have the chance to experience some of the worlds most amazing wildlife in their natural habitat. 

Anyone who knows me, knows how passionate I am about animals. I already volunteer at an animal rescue in the UK but would like to push myself out of my comfort zone and experience something new & exciting. However, the programme does come at a cost and I guess if you don't ask you don't get ..
So any donations would be extremely helpful and I would be forever grateful. Help me to help save our animals ❤️


  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe