After Hurricane Maria, help me in a good beginning.

Ashley Del Valle Start Date: Sep 2, 2017 - End Date: Dec 26, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Ashley Del Valle Start Date: Sep 2, 2017 - End Date: Dec 26, 2017
I booked a ticket to Hamburg, Germany for December 30, 2017, determined to begin a life as a traveling teacher and wanting to fulfill a long time dream of living in Europe and visiting as much as I can while there, using my native English tounge to help people receive such an important comunicative tool that can help anybody reach great things.

I have been planning for this for two years now, depending on ways to get money that...weren’t so successful. I had to give it all up to get experience. I now find myself having very little, not enough to cover a lot of expenses to start off.

After the effects of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, my plans drastically changed and now I must depend on money for six months. I'm planning to do workaways in different countries until September and after having an island devastated because of such a powerful hurricane, it's even more impossible to get the money right now.

I would really appreciate any kind of help to kickstart my teaching career well in Europe, to get a good beginning that can help me last there the longevity I want. I don’t plan to use the money I get here for any high end luxuries, just enough for food to not aggravate my host homes, phone, internet and to take the train and busses. I want to have the proper backpacking experience around Europe to help me get to know this beautiful continent more, meeting new people and cultures that make this continent the splendor I fell in love with and I can help in turn by giving them a language and a knowing of the larger world. Really, thank you for taking your time to take a look at my campaign, I hope it inspire enough to donate if even pennies, everything would be dear to my heart.

I am willing to create all kinds of crazy things for you offer, just look at the donor rewards and have a laugh.

If you want something in exchange, or want to buy an item of the sort, which can help immensely with the costs of my big move, I create foam design for decorational purposes, below is a link to the posts and pages I created with all the information you need to commission, by doing so, more action can appear in my pages and blogs, and thus people would be more inspired to ask. To see more of my designs just click through the tags and it will show you.

Once again, thank you!


  • 100 Days Left: Hurricane Maria

    100 Days Left: Hurricane Maria
    …and just when our electricity is returning, our signal, our normality…bang, yet another hurricane is coming to create the very same havocs. With a sureness of category 4, Maria’s eye will pass right through and to cover the entire island in the strongest of the storm. What we got from Irma was just its tropical storm and already our entire system fucked up, I can’t imagine with an actual hurricane 4. My plans are officially changed and when everything goes back to normal in…a month probably, I will completely have to change my campaign to what I’ll do since my diploma will now arrive later than expected thanks to all these days were taking off from the semester because of the hurricanes. I will still be leaving December 30th, I will talk to the professors to see if I can finish on the 29th and hope that nothing worst happens, but now more than ever will I need more help funding since I won’t be able to work and won’t be able to sell anything online.

    Till then when I manage to once get back electricity and signal.
  • 101 Days Left: After Hurricane Irma

    101 Days Left: After Hurricane Irma
    For those who follow these readings, by the tittle you might have noticed that I didn’t update this page for many days because of several complications. Luckily, the passage of the hurricane in Puerto Rico was more like a tropical storm. There were only a few fallen trees, a couple of signs that fell but overall…we did not go through the harshness that other Antilles went through. The devastation in those places is absolutely horrid, with high death tolls and large percent of their infrastructure destroyed...yet many of these places are expected to have their electricity and water soon.

    Puerto Rico on the other hand…has a terrible, terrible, terrible electricity service. I’ve seen the electricity stand for a category one hurricane, but yet, receiving the weakest part of Irma, the electricity was down for a long time, the signal fell and some days we were left without water. It came back for me during the week, but other places in the island, to this day, have nothing. Most of it is due because the government fired half the people there and count on a very small personnel that doesn’t watch over the system and lets it fuck it up constantly without updating, cleaning or checking. Just last year we had a massive black out because they haven’t checked one of the big machines/computers for a long time.

    This is incredibly unfair when the electricity bills here are extremely expensive and this is the kind of service we receive.

    Other than that, I’m fine, my family is fine, we were safe. During the storm we played games and slept like babies. At one point, my brother, sister and I wore our bathing suites and went out there testing the limits of Irma like Icarus, laughing and joking about, ignoring the threat that was above us. Honestly, when we were expected to receive the worst…nothing happened, not even rain fell or wind blew, my grandma’s garden stood as beautifully, the avocados stayed hanging and the trees were still as green and lively.