I want to meet my love one in Indonesia

Mijares Francisco Start Date: Apr 11, 2017 - End Date: May 25, 2017
  • Surabaya, Kota Surabaya, Java Oriental, Indonesia

My Travel Story

by: Mijares Francisco Start Date: Apr 11, 2017 - End Date: May 25, 2017
Hi my name is Francisco Mijares, I am venezuelan and 38 years old... I had 1 year and 7 month knowing a gilr named Olien Arief, she is Indonesian and 38 years old... we meet online and have 1 year and 4 month in a relationship, I had planed go to Indonesia since 6 month ago but my country have many economics and politicals problems right know and had been very hard to sell my house to go there... I love this girl so much... i want go there to marry her and stay there because in my country we cant because all i said... i appreciate your help to get our dream come true.... we talk a lot by whatsapp or skype... we really love each other... help us to get together please
  • Surabaya, Kota Surabaya, Java Oriental, Indonesia



    Well both were looking for the other half and both used one dating page, both both didnt found no one special so both stop using the dating page... Passed many month we separately want to look again in that page so I make a firter looking how really i want my special one... so she appear... i liked her smile and i just said hi... and next day she answerd me... i see that she answerd one day just one little thing so in the four time i asked her her phone number and she send it so we start writing each other every day.... and went we dont know anything about each other we feel down....
    please help me to get to her....
  • My Route To Indonesia

    My route to Indonesia
    I had never travel so far in my life... just around my country like Colombia just in the border, a cruiser by the caribbean, Panama City and lived in USA for one year with my aunt in Boise, ID. But never so far like this trip... I always cheak the link below to see the price and get scared get get so high or celebrate went it is low.... and also check the way the flight will take...
    Most of the time take Los Angeles, CA or take Chicago then go to Japan and finally take Jakarta, Indonesia Capital... I get very excited because I will visit japan airport (I love Japanese culture) and this travel it is almost 3 day fligh... there are a long wait in Los Angeles, CA but i dont care because I will meet my love at the end