Daniella Ventresca Start Date: Jun 5, 2016 - End Date: Mar 4, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Daniella Ventresca Start Date: Jun 5, 2016 - End Date: Mar 4, 2017
  • Educational/Research Trip
  • Leadership/Training Program
  • TEFL/Teach Abroad
Dear friends, family, strangers, believers, go-getters, pay it forward lovers, spiritual believers and people of all ages, ethnicities and personalities.

My name is Daniella Ventresca; retired bikini and fitness competitor, Social Service Worker Graduate, Certified Personal Trainer, journal enthusiast and dream follower.

Mental and physical wellness and awareness have become my top priority in life. Not just my personal life, but for the livelihood of others.

Allow me to explain myself.
I recently got lost along my path in life. I lost whom I was by the choices I was making. I learned that I was following the dreams and beliefs of others. I lost my sense of self-worth, sense of values and lost my unique sparkle.

I always knew growing up, that I am a giver, a lover, a go-getter, an advisor and someone whom wants to give back and help others. I love being attentive to people, being a listener and someone people lean towards for advice conversation, a giggle and some sunshine in their lives.

I grew up with a challenging and troubled childhood, that I am blessed every day for. This childhood allowed me to grow up faster than anticipated, try new things quickly, become an adult quicker than anticipated and live a life of new learning's and teachings.

In stating that, I am back walking my beautiful path that was built for my unique self.

My passion is to give back. I believe it is my calling in life. I believe that I was gifted with the emotional personality, allowing me to comfort, guide and protect others. I was gifted and created by a higher power to GIVE BACK. I was made to pay it forward, educate, mentor and be of assistance to those who are most in need. I was created for a higher calling.

This October 2016 will lead me to my highest power, my most rewarding decision, and my calling in life. I have decided to follow my dreams, heart, and spiritual callings to Thailand. Where I will be an educator for children and youth.

Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are my main focus for the children of this third world country. I will be teaching basic life skills, English and various subjects. I will be introducing playing and learning with interaction amongst the youth, as well as volunteering additional time to the orphanages and education programs for children.

Why Thailand?
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to motivate and guide people After a immense amount of trial and error, shortcomings, new findings, spiritual enhancing and the light of my beliefs and values, I have dedicated myself to my calling. The people whom are unable - for whatever reason, may it be financially, educationally, addition etc etc - whom are unable to fend for themselves.
I want to be a part of something more by giving back to those children in need whom desperately seek and require additional attention and guidance.
I feel as though Thailand is calling me for spiritual reasons. I have big aspirations of working with youth in Asia after teaching and gaining experience in Thailand.

Allow me to ask for assistance in my journey.
With your blessings, big hearts and generous donations.
Thailand will be my journey, yes. As I am ready to go to Thailand to be a part of something bigger. However, additional assistance and support would be vastly appreciated.
All donations will go directly towards the expenses to acquire my proper education prior to arrival in Thailand, as well as my trip flights, teachers abroad travel agency, proper supplies for the children and additional fees.

Any and all additional donations that are not of UTTER NECESSITY (flight, fees, agency, insurance, school supply) will be donated directly to the school I will be teaching at!

Therefore, allow me to please ask for prayer, support and any possible donations on FUND MY TRAVEL! 

I can not wait to start my adventure of educating the children of Thailand, and will surely give them the greatest sense of understanding, happiness and joy!

Thank you for reading,
Daniella Ventresca
Ventresca.d@hotmail.com for any and all additional questions.
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