Isaac's Study Abroad Trip Expenses in 2017

Isaac Moua Start Date: Jul 13, 2016 - End Date: Nov 9, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Isaac Moua Start Date: Jul 13, 2016 - End Date: Nov 9, 2016
Hello, my name is Isaac Moua and I am an aspiring student who wishes to study abroad for the first time in 2017. I made this decision two months ago in May and didn't think about it because it wasn't offered at Gaston College during the time I was there. I will be attending Central Piedmont Community College this upcoming year and now that the opportunity is finally here, this is the best chance I have ever had to go and do something like this in college. When I read their study abroad programs and how I can get transfer credit as well for traveling overseas, I felt very excited and enthusiastic to do this while in college. 

I am looking to use Fundmytravel to raise funds for food expenses and passport fees. I will need the funds in four months to plan ahead for for food travel and passport expenses as I'm looking at about $25 a day for a week in Jamaica, $10 a day for a month in Germany for lunch, $25 a day for lunch and dinner for two weeks in Portugal, and a little over $100 for a US passport. In addition, I am looking over $1000 to apply and obtain a passport.

In total, I'm looking  I plan and want to participate in three of CPCC's study abroad programs in 2017. The first one is during spring break of 2017 in Jamaica. The next one is after the spring semester is over in 2017 and it will be in Portugal. The last trip after Portugal is Germany in June and lasts about a month. 

I feel that studying abroad will affect me in five major ways that will reap many benefits after I graduate from college. First, it will open up my eyes to different parts of the world I have never seen before and broaden my horizons. Second, it will help me understand historical events and religions in the world more in person. Third, it will help me understand more of world languages, how its used in their country, and how it impacts the world. Fourth, it will help me understand how other foreign country's economy is, what business impact it has on the world, and relations with other countries. Finally, it will help me understand how it is like living in a different country from the United States and see the differences. 

In the spring of 2017, I plan on going to a study abroad trip for a week in Jamaica in which I will be studying Communications. During that time, I will be exploring Jamaican culture, food, and the natural beauty of the Caribbean. It will be my first time studying abroad and will be a great opportunity to interact with people there, get involved in activities, see sights, learn more about Jamaican heritage and culture lifestyle. 

In the summer of 2017, I will go to Spain &Portugal in a history course trip to experience countries that long combined the history and heritage of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In addition, see the launching point for Christopher Columbus voyages to the Americas. It will be a great opportunity to see how these historical events and religions play a big part in history. 

I plan to study abroad in other countries in the future. Studying abroad through CPCC is only the beginning for me. Some are South Korea, China, and Japan. Understanding how other foreign languages is spoke and how it used in their society and elsewhere is important. I plan to take foreign language classes from where the country it originates. For example, learning Chinese language in China. Going to Germany in the summer of 2017 to start learning German language is an excellent opportunity for me to learn why German is the most spoken language in Europe and gaining a language skill to use. 

I'm interested in learning more about international business and relations. To understand how their money system works, business with other countries, impact on job market, and which countries do they have the best and worse relations with. Knowing more about this will help me understand about the US economy, who they rely for help, business practices, and relations with other countries.  

Lastly; living in another country for a short period of time will help me see how its like living differently from the United States and see differences in many things. Being in a different time zone, living conditions, understand more about the country's culture and practices, activities in the country, and education system will give me a new perspective on things when I come back to the United States. It will make me appreciate for what I have and can do in the US that other
countries don't have much of a privilege to do.  

I will appreciate and be very thankful for any donations I recieve towards funding these trips. 

  • Jamaica
  • Germany
  • Portugal