Nurse Practitioner Student - An Experience of a Lifetime

Terra Menghini-Cox Start Date: Jun 1, 2018 - End Date: Dec 27, 2018
  • Uganda, Uganda
  • Jinja, Uganda
  • Mityana, Uganda
  • Entebbe, Uganda

My Travel Story

by: Terra Menghini-Cox Start Date: Jun 1, 2018 - End Date: Dec 27, 2018

In order to complete my Graduate Master of Science degree - Family Nurse Practitioner I need to take a Cultural Class or a Global Perspective Cultural Trip.  This Global Perspective Cultural trip to Africa will provide me with an opportunity to grow on a personal level and as a primary care provider.  Through Hope Without Borders I will be providing health care in medical camps, schools, and slums of Jinga, Mityana, and Entebbe.  We will also provide community and public health training, spend 1-3 days in medical camps, work at school in Mityana, work with Grandmothers Beyond Borders in Jinga, provide health education and packets for “The Red Elephant Project”, "The Blue Lion Project" and will experience a 2 day/1 night safari.

A former student shared her Global Trip experience to Africa, “Realistically speaking, even with the 1000+ people you will help see in the camps, clinics and schools, you will not be able to help everyone or solve their lack of access to health care, but here’s what you will do: You will inspire people, you will help people, you will shed sweat and tears for people, you will change peoples’ lives, but most of all, you will give people hope.  You will make a difference. So buckle up, grab hold of something steady (you will need to in the vans) and get ready, because Africa will change your life.”  

She inspired me to embrace this once in a lifetime experience to help others that lack access to health care.  

I am beyond excited and so grateful for this opportunity!  One of the ways to make this trip a reality is through fundraising.
Thank you for your generosity and support - it means the wold!

Terra Menghini-Cox

  • Uganda, Uganda
  • Jinja, Uganda
  • Mityana, Uganda
  • Entebbe, Uganda


  • Vaccination Destination Road Trip W Mom To Milwaukee

    Vaccination Destination Road Trip W Mom to Milwaukee
    0300 the alarm clock went off with the expedition to commence. 582 miles later = Immunization Encounter A Success! I even got a few bonus vaccines! Apparently, I know I should've known this - I've never had the meningococcal Vaccine?! Also, even though I had the polio vaccine as a child I needed to get another one as an adult. So in addition to the anticipated travel counseling I found myself receiving:
    -Meningococcal Vaccine (inactivated)
    - Polio Vaccine (inactivated)
    - Typhoid Vaccine (inactivated)
    - Yellow Fever Vaccine (Live)
    I have to say, I've had many immunizations over the past 44 years but to my recollection, I've not had 3 in one arm. I now have a renewed empathy for the patients I've done that too! Yes, my arm was sore by the end of the day yesterday and this morning. It has lessened with use, graining the horses at my parent's farm and as the day has gone on.
  • Vaccination Destination Road Trip W Mom To Milwaukee (cont)

    Vaccination Destination Road Trip W Mom To Milwaukee (cont)
    I also obtained prescriptions for:
    - Malarone tablets (anti-Malaria) taken 1 to 2 days prior to the trip, during, and 7 days upon returning.
    - Zithromax (for travelers diarrhea if Immodium doesn't cut it).
    As well as an option script (since this was out of stock for our visit) for Cholera Vaccine (Live oral suspension).
    I am now the Proud owner of a Yellow Card! This card verifies that I have received the yellow fever vaccine and may be permitted to enter into Uganda! YES!! Thankfully my renewed passport came in the mail yesterday so my ticket can be purchased.
    Still remaining will be my 2nd/3rd Hep B and 2nd Hep A. Whew! Then my cells and immune system will be Virus ready and armed!

    What will then happen in preparing for Africa? Trying to gather donations to pack and distribute to the children in Uganda. My professor suggested the Happy Meal toys from McDonald's and small books. If you'd like to contribute please let me know.
    I have also created reward levels for donations that will follow my journey in Africa!
    Hand written postcards will be sent from destinations where we provide care and on the Safari:
    Level 1: 30.00 receive a postcard from one destination.
    Level 2: 50.00 receive a postcard from two destinations.
    Level 3: 100.00 receive a postcard from three destinations.
    Level 4: 150.00 or higher receive a postcard from three destination Plus Safari.
    Stay tuned for more to come on my journey to Africa.....

Adventure Registry

  • McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

  • Children’s Book