Andrew's Study Abroad Program: Arabic & Diplomacy in Jordan

Andrew Larson Start Date: Mar 28, 2017 - End Date: Aug 22, 2017
  • Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan

My Travel Story

by: Andrew Larson Start Date: Mar 28, 2017 - End Date: Aug 22, 2017
CIEE Diplomacy and Policy Studies Program in Amman, Jordan

In the 2017-2018 academic school year, I have the incredible opportunity to study Arabic and Diplomacy in Jordan. I will be studying abroad through the Council of International Education Exchange (CIEE) for two full semesters. I will live in Jordan’s capital city, Amman, with a local Jordanian family and attend school at the CIEE institute. I am fundraising for my first semester in Diplomacy and Policy Studies program.

What is it and Why Study Abroad

This program takes place in an immersive environment which will allow me to gain both practical experience with Arabic and a more complete understanding of Middle Eastern culture. While abroad, I will be continuing my third year of Arabic and taking classes in Advanced Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Colloquial Arabic. Additionally, I will be able to work with many different professors, government officials, and diplomats through various educational opportunities. These range from classes in diplomacy and policy to guest lectures and seminars. I will also have the opportunity to intern with either an international organization or governmental agency. I am most looking forward to this internship because I will be working with an agency that is dealing with current issues and this will allow me to gain critical thinking skills and work-experience that will be vital to me as a Foreign Service Officer. Along with all of the professional and educational development I will receive, my new knowledge and experiences will provide a chance for me to expand my worldview.

Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed of exploring other countries. This has always been a far off dream because I have never had the resources to travel. This is why I am zealous over this opportunity to finally pack my bags and study abroad in Jordan. I have fallen in love with the Middle East through my Arabic classes and I can’t wait to embark on this journey that will change me forever.  I am looking forward to interacting with and becoming part of this community and experiencing their culture. I can’t wait to meet the Jordanian family that I will be living with, and all of the other friends that I will meet along the way. I know that we will be able to share our life views, and perspectives and contribute to a clearer understanding between our two cultures. I believe that this is a unique opportunity for me to learn more about the world and myself. Acknowledging that I will be living in a completely different culture than my own, I expect to come back a changed person. This is why Amman, Jordan is the ideal location for me to spend my time studying abroad in order to develop educationally, professionally, and personally.

Studying abroad in Jordan will be the catalyst for many of my future academic and personal endeavors. The knowledge, professional skills, and personal development that I will gain from this experience will aid me in my pursuit of higher education. Not only will studying abroad will give me a wonderful experience and education of the Middle East and Arabic but, it will be the next crucial step in my path to becoming a Foreign Service Officer.


So let me explain my financial situation and how you can help me. The program’s fees will be $18,650 plus $3,300 in additional costs.  I am expecting to receive $18,795 in financial aid and scholarships which will allow me to cover the program's expenses. What I am fundraising for are the additional costs of $3,300. These additional costs include daily meals, international airfare, local transportation, books and supplies, and visa fees - all of which are necessary for the success of the program. I will have to take a taxi to school everyday, buy my own school supplies, and pay for lunch everyday. Without the funds to cover these additional costs, I will not be able to actually live in Jordan!   

How Can You Support My Journey

To me, this trip represents an opportunity of a lifetime. Studying abroad in Jordan will be both an enriching and challenging journey. I will expand my international network, develop professionally, and create another home across the globe. There are many ways you can show your support including sharing on Facebook, sending me emotional support through messages and letters, following my blog(link located at the bottom), and donating to my campaign. Not only that but if you would ever like to hear about my pre-departure process, my actual study abroad experience, or how you too can study abroad I would love to talk with you!

For thoses of you who do decided to donate please click on the blue donate button! If you donate to my campaign there are fun Donor Rewards that are waiting for you. They start from $10-$200 and include a variety of prizes!

Thank you everyone for your generosity and support, let’s make this an awesome journey!

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  • Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan