A Challenging Road To Freedom

Daehani Mpoyi Start Date: Jun 9, 2021 - End Date: Oct 8, 2021
  • London, United Kingdom

My Travel Story

by: Daehani Mpoyi Start Date: Jun 9, 2021 - End Date: Oct 8, 2021
Hello, my name is Daehani and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!

I am running this fundraising campaign to help pay for my visa (visa payment and proof of funds), travel insurance and my passport to move to the UK. I personally find it hard asking for help, but with student loans on my shoulders, living expenses/business expenses/this move itself taking a massive chunk out of my bank account and a job market with no jobs due to COVID-19, it's hard for me to make things happen alone. If there's anything I've learned during this pandemic, it's that we all do better when we stick together.

Right now it’s been super hard to come up with the money, as I had to quit my job due to the business itself being fraudulent and shady, along with it agitating my disability. I’ve been taking on this entire endeavour alone, and it’s starting to weigh on me. I worked super hard to come up with the first half of the money I need, but it’s been super difficult to come up with the rest, and I need your help. I am still looking for another job, but the job market is tough enough as is without my disability. I’m locked in to leave in November and I already needed to start applying for my visa a while ago to get it approved in time but the job market is so tough, so any help would be appreciated.

Why the UK? Why now?

It has always been a dream of mine to move to the UK. As a young kid, I promised myself that I would make this move a reality, but I lived a very heavy life that not only disallowed this dream of mine, but also nearly disallowed my life to continue. At 19, I escaped a lifetime of abuse and ended up homeless for two years. I had many close calls with death before and during that time period. I spent weeks and months promising myself that after living a lifetime of extreme poverty, struggle, suffering, uncertainty, and loss, I was going to do everything in my power to turn it around.

Now at 22, I'm choosing to act on my dream because throughout my life, I came to understand that time waits for no one. Tomorrow isn't always promised, and even if it is, we treat our tomorrows as something to dread because we're not living life as we wish to live it! We keep waiting for life to get better, but we have to be the ones to throw ourselves into the beautiful life experiences that we seek, and now is all we have so why not do it now?

Moving to the UK would not only connect me with the resouces that would help me fulfill my life long career goals, but it would help me prove to myself that the odds that have been stacked against me my whole life can be beaten. I couldn't have gotten to where I am today without others, and I eventually want to become successful enough in my endeavours to pay my gratitude forward.

Thank you for any donation that you can make, no matter how big or small. For every donation, I will send you a personalized thank you letter. (It may take some time as I have to personalize every single one! This will be hard for me to do if you wish to remain anonymous!) Your contribution will help me live a life I've never lived: a life full of adventure, opportunity and happiness! I am so excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity and to prove to myself that a good life is possible!
  • London, United Kingdom