Send James to England for his best friends wedding

James M Start Date: Apr 24, 2017 - End Date: Jun 22, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: James M Start Date: Apr 24, 2017 - End Date: Jun 22, 2017
Hi Everyone,

My best friend of 18 years is finally getting married, and guess what, i'm the best man. Funny thing with this is i never actually got asked i found out via his tietheknotpage which i have included below incase your interested in the story

I had planned to return to England for a period of 3 weeks so i could attend the wedding but also catch up with some family and friends. Now heres the rub, i had previous had the holiday booked with work but now changing roles they wouldn't honor my paid leave so if i want to go i will need to take the leave unpaid. I haven't been back to England since i left which was 3 and half years ago. I would love to attend but the cost plus living costs back here and other personal circumstances which occured over the last 6 months have now put this at risk. 
I have yet to tell my best friend that i may not be able to attend. I have had help securing the accomidation for the wedding and the rental of a suit however its the flights to Egland that is the problem.

I am seeking donations no matter how small or big. In return i am video logging my trip and exerpience as well as publishing an online photo album of the big day.

Donations are toward all required Airfare which includes travel to and from the airports.

Please help me get home and thank you for reading my page!!!
  • London, United Kingdom


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    Wed, 26 Jul 2017

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    Thu, 17 Aug 2017

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