Send an Aussie to the Snow!

Emma Pappalardo Start Date: Aug 22, 2016 - End Date: Aug 21, 2017
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

My Travel Story

by: Emma Pappalardo Start Date: Aug 22, 2016 - End Date: Aug 21, 2017
Hi everyone!

My name is Emma and I'm going to be spending time in big cold Canada, freezing my butt off and working hard!

In Feburary 2014, I finally was able to have the spinal surgery needed to correct an injury I had been living with for 3 years. This injury left me dependent on opioid medications, in unbelievable amounts of pain, unable to perform basic physical tasks (like washing dishes or picking up my cat!) and my quality of life was to be blatantly obvious: shit.

Then in July 2014 after only 5 months of pulling myself out of the pitty party I'd thrown for myself, the sudden and traumatic death of my father knocked me back down into depression. I found it extremely difficult to continue working, socilising and living a life worth living.

Now, after years of the very best support and assistance, I feel I'm ready to get myself back out there and make a difference to the world! (one person and smile at a time!)

This will be my first time working internationally, and while I have travelled previously, this is my first time in the cold Canadian wilderness. (I am both scared and excited for snow!) Let's be real here, an Australian used to mild winters, no snow and beautiful hot summer days, suddenly put into the frozen tundra of the Canadian Snow slopes... this will be hilarious for you all to watch me suffer and complain.

I want to do this to prove to myself, and to others, that no matter the obsical, you can overcome anything life throws at you; whether thats a spinal injury at 19 or losing one of the most importaint people in your life at 23. There is a big wide world out there to explore and discover and with the right help and assistance, you can Fortify and Persevere.

Thanks for reading, and any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated!


  • Vancouver, BC, Canada


  • Documentation Sent!

    Hey guys! So quick update, all the documents I can supply right now have been completed and sent! Now we play the waiting game for the replies!
    I can't wait to start booking flights!
    Thanks for your support!

Adventure Registry

  • Go Pro.

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