Dream trip to Europe first time in life

Timofey Zhydkov Start Date: Dec 11, 2016 - End Date: Mar 20, 2017
  • Amsterdam, Нидерланды
  • Ницца, Франция

My Travel Story

by: Timofey Zhydkov Start Date: Dec 11, 2016 - End Date: Mar 20, 2017
Hi everyone!
My name is Timofey and I am a student from Russia, a country of severe winters and insulating politics. 
I've wanted to visit Europe since I was a child, but due to huge financial problems in my family and later to crysis in Russia it seemed impossible to me. 
Seemed impossible until I had read an article in a blog about fundraising. 
A little spark of hope suddenly appeared in my soul - there could be kind and generous people who can help my dream come true. 
I have never been abroad except a free trip to UAE 4 year ago. That trip was just a lucky coincidence and I was really happy. 
Though that was a great experience, Dubai doesn't come in any comparison to Europe as it is another world. World I've always dreamed to see and feel. 
Since my birth I've been looking at the same picture - grey, dirty and moody courtyard of my house in the outskirts of Moscow (in photos). I'm really full of it.
I've decided to visit Prague, Amsterdam or Nice as these cities are supposed to be a great start to learn about Europe.
 I am counting on your little but significant help. 
  • Amsterdam, Нидерланды
  • Ницца, Франция