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Samantha Clarke Start Date: May 27, 2017 - End Date: May 14, 2018
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My Travel Story

by: Samantha Clarke Start Date: May 27, 2017 - End Date: May 14, 2018
In July 2018 I will have the amazing opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka for 5 weeks to take part in an SLV Mental Health placement. SLV runs these projects in order to help the local community while also helping students and graduates to gain invaluable experience in a new and exciting culture. I am fundraising so that I can travel to Sri Lanka and contribute to the incredible work that SLV is doing.

I will be working with individuals who suffer from mental health problems in Sri Lanka, by helping to run activities for patients in psychiatric hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and community outreach programs, as well as working with children in the local community; helping them to improve their English skills through games, song, dance and physical activity. I’ll also be attending workshops run by Samutthana, the King’s College London resource centre for trauma, displacement and mental health, whose main aim is to train and support organisations and individuals to respond to the psychosocial needs of trauma sufferers, such as tsunami survivors and those who have experienced civil-conflict in Sri Lanka. 

Another project which I will be involved in is working with children and adults who have special needs, such as physical disabilities, learning difficulties, or challenging behaviour, using creative activities, such as arts and crafts, music, dance and games to help develop their cognitive functions, motor skills, and speech skills. During my time in Sri Lanka I will be fully emersed in the culture, living, along with other volunteers, with a Sri Lanka family.

Any amount that you can donate will be a huge help! For those of you who donate £10, I will take a photo of a mascot/photo of yourself of your choice in Sri Lanka (bare in mind that the mascot will have to be small for luggage reasons!). For those of you who donate £25, you will recieve the photo and a postcard from Sri Lanka while I am there. Finally, for anyone who donates £50 or more, you will receive the photo, postcard, and a homemade cake, with your choice of flavour, on my return! (I have been told my baking skills are excellent!). Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!
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  • Raised Over £1000!

    I can't believe that we have already raised over £1000! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far - I am incredibly grateful. Sri Lanka feels closer than ever :)