Israel Counter-Terrorism Study Abroad

Alexander Cuevas Start Date: Apr 8, 2017 - End Date: Jun 16, 2017

My Travel Story

by: Alexander Cuevas Start Date: Apr 8, 2017 - End Date: Jun 16, 2017
This trip will tremendously impact my education in allowing me to have an expereince to develop the knowledge necessary to enter into a career in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence. It will also provide me with the hands on experience I need in order to make myself marketable in my career field. Additionally, this trip is important to me because I am passionate about making a difference in the security of the United States in its role against terrorism and international threats.

This program is located in Jerusalem, Israel.This 14-day program focuses on counter-terrorism, intelligence-gathering, suicide bomber interdiction, and jihadism. Students will visit facilities and protected environments throughout Israel to learn about the measures the Israelis have taken to deal with terror-related threats and risks. Students will also see how the Israelis have changed security practices and procedures as a result of lessons learned from past terror attacks and what they are doing to prevent future attacks.

This program includes intelligence briefings, on-site visits, and lecture presentations. Students will also experience a cultural component in journeying to one of the most important regions of the world – the Holy Land. Our delegation will tour the Old City of Jerusalem, visit holy sites such as the Western Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulcher as well as venture to the Masada and Dead Sea.