First Trip - Surf Camp Fuerteventura - Barcelona - 14 days

Andrey Nechaev Start Date: Mar 2, 2017 - End Date: Jun 19, 2017
  • Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Fuerteventura, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Andrey Nechaev Start Date: Mar 2, 2017 - End Date: Jun 19, 2017
Hello everybody!

My name is Andrey and I'm 27 y.o.

One of my dreams is to travel. But at this time I do not have enough funds so decided to try my luck here.

I always wanted to try surfing. It looks very breathtaking to ride the waves.
When I saw ad of this camp i knew where I want to go and that I need to go as soon as possible. I'm started saving money for trip and I have 300 EUR already. But any help is appreciated. Also planing to visit Barcelona on my way back. I'm a Graphic Designer and it would be very fascinating to see the architecture of that city.
This is will be my firs trip. I had never went outside Lithuania and this would be a dream come true for me.

Hotel (Bacelona) - 90,00 €
Hotel (Fuerteventura) - 60,00 €
Surf Camp - 275,00 €
Travel equipment - 140,00 €
Flights - 330,00 €
Food - 280,00 €
Transportation - 180,00 €

Total: 1 355,00 €

Thank You for support. Any amount is appreciated.
Hope my dream will come true.
  • Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Fuerteventura, Spain


  • Architectural Gems Of Barcelona

    Architectural gems of Barcelona
    Barcelona is fairly festooned with buildings to ogle. Ciutat Vella bristles with Gothic mansions, powerfully graceful churches and buildings of state, while Modernista masterpieces set cameras a-clicking throughout the city. How odd, then, that the many weird and wonderful buildings that attract planeloads of tourists to Barcelona every day barely raised an eyebrow until the 1990s.
  • Surf Course

    Surf Course
    Imagine someone catching waves in crystal clear turquoise waters on endless white sandy beaches. This someone could be me! In surf course Fuerteventura there is no bad season - just fun and active leisure time at any season of the year! During the surf course fuerteventura I will acquire the basics of surfing theory and a lot of practical activities.

Adventure Registry

  • GoPro Camera

    € 200
    • Granted
  • Tacktical Backpack

    € 40
    • Granted
  • MobileLite Wireless G3 Card Re