Divorce & 50th Birthday Trip to Spain!

Teri Harper Start Date: Jan 22, 2017 - End Date: Apr 6, 2017

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by: Teri Harper Start Date: Jan 22, 2017 - End Date: Apr 6, 2017
Two best friends, who found themselves recently unemployed, are headed on a dream vacation in Spain in April, which was planned a year ago.  RoxAnne is celebrating the big 5-0 birthday in April and is also completing an exhausting year-long divorce process. Her best friend for more than 20 years Teri, who will also celebrate her 49th at the same time, will be there to help her celebrate the birthday and new beginnings.  

At the time of this posting, neither of us have jobs, so setting aside money for the dream trip is not feasible. 

Spain is a beautiful country that we are excited about exploring.  We plan to visit 4 different cities, tour Sherry country, learn how to Flamenco dance, eat some tapas, explore museums and more.  And of course RoxAnne will continue her quest to find Bulletproof options.   

If you know RoxAnne or Teri or know sassy, beautiful women like us who need a break, and would want to chip in so we can enjoy Spain as a duo-birthday / divorce gift, give to our FundMyTravel.  Thank you!