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Victoria Alarcón Start Date: Jun 17, 2018 - End Date: Oct 14, 2018
  • England, Reino Unido

My Travel Story

by: Victoria Alarcón Start Date: Jun 17, 2018 - End Date: Oct 14, 2018
My name is Victoria, I'm a Chilean girl who has a dream...

I'm a regular girl; but in some way, not equal to the others. I understood it when I saw the other girls had new clothes every month, and I was always in the same shoes. In the same shoes since 2014. I didn't care much because there are people that have less than you, you know? So I must be grateful that I have shoes at least.

But the things are complicated when you have a dream, in this particulate case: the wildest dream you ever had. Very powerful and intense. It's something you can't explain.

Every corner of England is perfect to me: every single landscape, beach, countryside or monuments. The music, the history, the food, the people, the places!

And seeing that your single mother is working in the street earning minimum wage, it leaves you discouraged. How could I ask for 150 times her salary? That makes me feel really bad and also sad. I know that I have never wanted anything like this before in my life... Many people have told me they hadn't seen someone so passionate about something like me. For the first time, I want to have the same possibilities as the others. I want to be an exchange student.

I will do everything within my reach.
  • I've been selling chocolates for two years.
  • I have saved money.
  • I won't go to my "Gira de Estudios". It's about a trip with your whole class, for enjoying a vacation together in the last year of school. Just three students can pay the half, and I was one of them. Anyway, is still a lot of money and I prefer spending it in England. In spite of we were planning this trip for some time.
  • I sold some valuable things.
  • All the paperwork and search of agencies or programs, I had to do it by myself for weeks. My mother doesn't have time.
  • I'm trying on this page, and I sincerely hope that it serves me
Study Abroad UK it's the cheapest agency I found and I happy to contact them. I'm counting the days to be able to apply and if I'm not accepted... As you must know, I will keep trying.
  • England, Reino Unido


  • I Would Appreciate It If You Help Me

    I sold a couple things this week to raise the money. I would be happy if you helped me too, to achieve this goal!