Study Abroad in Spain - Summer 2018

Devon Wrightstone Start Date: Jan 15, 2018 - End Date: Jun 1, 2018
  • Granada, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Devon Wrightstone Start Date: Jan 15, 2018 - End Date: Jun 1, 2018
Since I began studying Spanish in my freshman year of high school, I instantly knew it was a language and culture that I loved and I felt a strong desire to take that interest further and develop my Spanish abilities. I dreamed of the day that I could travel to Spain and experience the environment and I'm very blessed to say the opportunity has arisen!

Part of my goal in studying abroad in Spain for the summer is to enhance my Spanish abilities and satisfy requirements for my Spanish degree, but even more so than that, I want to expand my experiences and knowledge of the world and see how life goes in a culture that I am so enthralled by. I chose the country of Spain for my study abroad because to me, there is nothing like the heritage and history of the country and its architecture, art, and scenery. 

On my trip to Spain, I will be given the opportunity to not only study the Spanish langauge and culture, but to fully immerse myself in it, as I will be living with a Spanish family and really given the chance to use the language in my everyday life. I am also very excited about cultural excursions that I will get to partake in, such as museum trips, historical tours, and the time for me to travel independently to not only other parts of Spain, but to other neighboring countries as well. However, what I am most excited about is my oppurtunity - as a student also pursuing a certification to teach English to non-native English speakers, is the oppurtunity I will have to volunteer at local elementary schools, teaching English to Spanish students. 

This trip is also meaningful for me because I am a first generation college student, blazing trails in my family, and I would be the first to travel across the ocean to Europe or anywhere else not apart of continental North America. I hope through this trip I not only improve and expand upon my own knowledge and life experiences, but I can inspire others like me, who are first time college students and taking a big, scary step into college and hopefully, study abroad trips of their own. I'm passionate about langauge and education and can only hope that my education and study abroad trip open doors for me to expand my abilities to communicate between different cultures and peoples to make the world a more cohesive place, in whatever way I can.

Thank you for any and all help!

"If you were to visit only one city in Spain, this should be Granada" - Ernest Hemingway
  • Granada, Spain