Help me to travel along the Royal Road In Brazil

Santiago Rebollo Start Date: Jul 16, 2021 - End Date: Nov 15, 2021
  • Minas Gerais, Brasil

My Travel Story

by: Santiago Rebollo Start Date: Jul 16, 2021 - End Date: Nov 15, 2021
Hi , My name is Santiago , im an argentinian guy living and traveling around Brazil.
Im going to make a route called " Estrada Real " , its a trail created by the gold miners and diamonds miners from the mines to Paraty Port at the state of Rio de Janeiro .Its a way that has more than hundred years and crosses mountains , rivers and valeys .Most of that road is unpaved road (like 80 % ) , one part is pavimented and another part is in the middle of the forest so its a great adventure .I made several changes on my bike to made her very ressistant for that long travel and for the weight of the saddlebags , the tent and the stuff that i carry , all that i have .My itinerary starts at Pouso Alegre and it ends At Diamantina ,its more than 1000 km on the mountains .
So , im asking for help to finance the pieces for my bike and my travel ,i will try to sell paracord bracellets in the way but sucess is not garanted so, if you want to support  my project i will be very thankful with you and i will make a personal video to say thanks to you .See you on the road !

  • Minas Gerais, Brasil


  • Started Training On My Bike

    Started training on my bike
    Those are the roads at Minas Gerais , there is a lot of unpaved ways and hard climbs with the bike .Its requires good pieces , a good bike and good legs ! Support my project to help me to buy a new shimano group with more gears ! Thanks !