One of our first family trip

Andris Kulenbergs Start Date: Aug 1, 2017 - End Date: Aug 20, 2017
  • Rīga, Rīgas pilsēta, Latvija

My Travel Story

by: Andris Kulenbergs Start Date: Aug 1, 2017 - End Date: Aug 20, 2017
Hello! My name is Andris and im from Latvia. We are three people in my family- my mum, sister and me. My mum work at one job and our monthly earnings are about 450 euros. This year we had one of our first trip with small yacht to Estonia which all coasted 300 euros or soo. My mum now have only less than 20euros left, and she will get paid at september and we have to buy stuff for school and clothes and.... But thats not the main thing i came here, we can handle that.. I came here to get help for our next family trip which i hope will be to sweden. Trip to Estonia was only 4 days, but i saw that my mum was happy, and at last day she was really sad for going back. Soo I realy want to make suprise to my mum, i hope i will raise this money and if not this year maybe next year we will finaly go to sweden.

Thanks to all who donated and listened to my story!
  • Rīga, Rīgas pilsēta, Latvija


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    Hello! if we will raise the money we will go to sweden next year because my mum dont have vacation anymore. We will not spend your money on anything else, we will keep money till next summer and then we will finally go to vacation. Thanks for support!