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Amelie Geier Start Date: Jul 14, 2016 - End Date: Jan 8, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Amelie Geier Start Date: Jul 14, 2016 - End Date: Jan 8, 2017

Hello you,

I want to tell you about me and my trip to the Philippines in January 2017.

My name is Amelie, I am 18 years old and I am from Germany. I chose those two pictures of myself because on the first one you can see me playing the flute, which is the main topic for this campaign. The second one shows me in my last holidays, I love to travel the world, to be at the seaside because I never travelled much (just with music groups and the school) and I think that now is the time to do this! Aswell I want to improve knowledge, especially my english because I didn't speak it for nearly 2 years now, in school I preferred Italian and I really regret this now because English is so important in your whole life.

I just finished the school, I did my A-levels but until now I still don't know what to do afterwards. So the first step was easy: a gap year. But it is obvious that I can't sit at home one whole year.. And I remembered that this year is one of the best opportunities in everybodys life to travel the world, I decided to visit a special place so I discovered the Philippines: a unique landscape, the society seems to be very relaxed and after some research I found a program that fits perfectly: the Music Volunteering.

I always lived for music, I began to play the flute when I was just 4 years old and now I am 18 and I still love it. I did my A-level in music and I played to receive my marks, I play in some orchestras and formations, always with my friends. Since September 2015, I also teach playing the flute to a 16 year old girl and we both like this hour in the week very much, it is always relaxed and fun. In my music class I was always the one that everybody asked for help if someone didn't understand what we were doing and in the end, everybody had good marks :)
But I just don't like the flute, I got to teach myself to play the piano (well, at least a bit) and the saxophone and I am open minded for new instruments.

This fund raising campaign is so important for me because I want to have a trip that is unforgettable for both sides - for me and also the people that I meet. I want to teach the children to play the flute even it really isn't easy at the beginning. But the problem is that I don't own so many flutes to give some away and I just own sheets for advanced players so I really need to find a solution for this problem. Yes, I go to work but the money that I earn just covers the costs for housing etc.

So I hope that you know me a bit better and I would be very very grateful if you would donate for my campaign !

Best, Amelie

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