Teaching experience in China.

Luis Gutiérrez Start Date: Mar 2, 2017 - End Date: Mar 31, 2017
  • Shanghái, China

My Travel Story

by: Luis Gutiérrez Start Date: Mar 2, 2017 - End Date: Mar 31, 2017
Hi guys! This is the first time I try something like this, and let's see how it works! I have read about this type of raising money, but  I didn't know it actually existed for flight tickets. My name is Luis Gutierrez. I was born and raised in a very beautiful, but bad recently bad rated country in South America called Venezuela. This Caribbean country is full of wonderful beaches, great and nice people and awesome weather. People down here is very funny and interesting. I have a bachelor degree of education in EFL teaching, and I was recently hired by a teaching center in China to teach English to kids there. The salary is really good comparing with the bad economy we're facing in Venezuela lately. The situation in Venezuela is unfortunately getting worse, and many people are trying to leave the country. In my case, I want to have an experience working abroad for awhile. Try to save as much money as I can, and then coming back and get my own place to live and having the chance to rebuild my country when everything comes back to get better again. This experience also will help me to add a foreign job to my C.V built for over eight years. Teaching kids in a totally different culture would be a real challenge for me. Yet, I am more than willing to assume such challenge. With this opportunity to work abroad I would have the chance not only for saving money and live much better, but also help my parents to enjoy a better eld. That has been always my dream since I started to work. Make them live better than they have done. They are my examples of living, hard-working, and commitment. I just want to give them something in return. For this flight ticket (I don't need accomodation since It will be provided by the school) around $1400 to go from Caracas to Paris, and from Paris to Shangai where the teaching center is. Apart from that, some extra $50 to legalize my University tittle to be validly used in China. Thanks for your support!
  • Shanghái, China