Make a difference with elephants in Thailand

Gary Brown Start Date: Mar 2, 2017 - End Date: Jun 29, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Gary Brown Start Date: Mar 2, 2017 - End Date: Jun 29, 2017
My name is Gary . I am a 60 year old Supply Chain professional. I worked in the aerospace industry for many years. I was laid off about 7 months ago when my company closed suddenly. I ve been looking for work since but I have not had a lot of luck even though I have an excellent skill set with ERP systems and state of the art supply chain best practices. I have come to the conclusion no one is going to hire me due to my age. That said, I want to find some purpose in my life. Id like to do some good, help people or make a contribution some how. I have traveled to Asia before and absolutely love the region. I have always loved animals and seem to have a knack with them. For some reason animals seemed to always be comfortable with me and gravitate to me when I am around them. I have identified an elephant camp project near Chaing Mai , Thailand that I would dearly love to participate in. It would involve taking care of elephants that were abused, used for commercial purposes , or orphaned.
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