Helping the Elephants in Cambodia

Emma Denning Start Date: Jun 29, 2016 - End Date: Dec 28, 2016
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My Travel Story

by: Emma Denning Start Date: Jun 29, 2016 - End Date: Dec 28, 2016
I have always adored elephants, bears and other wild animals. I also have a certain soft spot for SE Asia and have travelled and backpacked many times. One thing I do not like about these countries is their animal entertainment industry, and have always gone out of my way to ensure that I only support the sanctuaries and organisations within these countries that actively help these animals. I have completed a Mahout for a Day program in Chiang Mai last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Just one day helping these animals really made me feel complete.

I have been wanting to volunteer properly with the elephants since I was in highschool (going on 11 years now) however I have never been able to justify the cost. I have stumbled across POD who are a not-for-profit organisation who rely on volunteers to rehabilitate and re-wild elephants and sun bears that have been affected by hunters and the awful entertainment industry.

I decided that if I am ever going ot be able to do it, it needs to be soon as I will be wanting to settle down and start a family soon. I just cant shake the need to help these poor, beautiful defenceless animals from my mind. My plan is to spend two weeks with the elephants and one week with the bears.

I am a travel writer and will be writing about my experiences and am in the process of negotiating getting published. Every sponsor will be mentioned and thanked in my article, and if you have a business I will be happy to write about you.

The amount I am hoping to raise exactly covers the cost of the program and my return flights from Brisbane. I am not interested in profiting at all from this, and if I am lucky enough to raise more than the cost, 100% of the extra funding will be donated to the animals.

Thankyou so much for making this possible, and for helping to make a small yet important difference in the lives of these animals. From the bottom of our hearts, thankyou.
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