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Holly Bick Start Date: Nov 7, 2017 - End Date: May 6, 2018
  • Volta, Ghana

My Travel Story

by: Holly Bick Start Date: Nov 7, 2017 - End Date: May 6, 2018
Hi there and thank you for visiting and reading my story.

My name is Holly and I have an exciting goal which is to travel to the Volta region in eastern Ghana as a voluteer worker and teaching assistant, working with children in a village community school for two weeks.

For a very long time I have looked up to people who have been able to contribute their knowledge, a skill or a talent to a less privileged community - because I believe that takes courage. I know that I am living a very priviliged life, one that so many people in the World aren't able to enjoy. So for me to have this opportunity to make a difference where it really will count is a pretty big deal.

As part of a team from my school, with a great bunch of people we will be travelling to a village community in east Ghana and set to work in the local community childrens school, both helping with the building of additional rooms at the school and assisting the children in English and sports.

We are each running different events to raise funds to make the trip - you can see a breakdown in the 'cost calculator' if you choose to donate - every little counts. In the first of our funding events, two of us raised over £150 from a cake sale and a quiz night at our school.  A big thank you to everyone that either 'improved their waistline or their mind!'.  There's more to come but of course if you want to hear more as we get nearer to next July, just drop me a line.

My passions are art and sport and I work hard to express myself and excel in both. One thing I am looking forward to is inviting the children into my world of creativity and being able to open their eyes as well as mine to new experiences.

This is so special to me because I have struggled with Dyslexia for a long time and whilst I won't be beaten, it has been incredibly useful for me to have been introduced to other aspects of education, where I am now studying a more vocational subject, which is helping me see how we can truly influence the future of those less fortunate than us in such a positive way. So I am excited about the challenges to come.

I love to socialise with people of all ages and making bonds with them is truely incredible. Going on this trip to Ghana I hope to gain a wider perspective on how people live in other communities and at the same time, bring some of my energy, knowledge and experiences to the children of the community we are visiting.

Thank you very much for your support.


  • Volta, Ghana