A trip to fix things with my family

Dakota Jones Start Date: Apr 24, 2018 - End Date: May 23, 2018
  • South Korea

My Travel Story

by: Dakota Jones Start Date: Apr 24, 2018 - End Date: May 23, 2018
Hello my name is Dakota. I had a troubled past. I wasn't the best son to my parents or brother to my sister. Next month it will be 4 years since they left the US because of the Army and moved to Korea. I haven't seen them since they left. I could haen went too but I didn't because we had relationship problems and thought living away from them was what I wanted. I have recently come to realize that I was the one in the wrong all this time and really want to be able to fix things with them. Also since being in Korea my mother was diagnosed with Lupus so I want to go make sure everything is ok. Also in June my sister will graduate from an American high school in Korea and I really want to be there, to show her that I really do love her no matter how badly I treated her when we were little. Every little bit helps me as i begin saving money too. I have been getting less and less hours at my job so saving is slowing down. Because of that I decided to ask the good people at gofundme.

I made the worst mistake of my life turning my back on my family and now I want to make things right. So if you want to help a young man reunite with his family and finally show them that he truly loves them then please donate and even if you cant donate then please just share this so more people can see it.
  • South Korea