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Aileen Melly Start Date: Aug 23, 2017 - End Date: Nov 30, 2017
  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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by: Aileen Melly Start Date: Aug 23, 2017 - End Date: Nov 30, 2017
I wish to further my studies by doing masters in professional accounting.I want to be an Auditor hence the reason I choose masters in professional accounting. Through these will be able to have the theoretical understanding, practical approaches and expertise in accounting field.
These university offers quality education with quality learning materials, up to date learning methodologies and use technology to enrich learning experience. The students studying in the university have the privilege of getting personalized access to experience lecturers and learning facilitators. The university offers quality education and cannot be compared with the ones in my home country. It also has a dynamic culture and it will give me a leading edge to work effectively in a diverse team. The university will also enable me to interact with professionals from the field of study.
Australia is known for providing world class education and it features in global rankings, hence the best destination for international students and cannot be compared with the education provided in my home country. I will be very marketable when I come back home because of studying in Australia. Australia is also known for cultural diversity , hence I will be able to interact with people from all over the world.
The course will help me get the necessary skills and knowledge in the field. The country is known for global research and it will be helpful in my course work. After graduating I will an international certified accountant hence I can work anywhere in the world.
Once I clear my studies in Australia I will like to work as an Auditor in one of the multinational companies in Kenya. Through this course I will be advancing my studies and getting more knowledge in the accounting field. I decided to do masters in professional accounting because it’s a way to move from management to accounting field.I will be able to work efficientlybecause of the knowledge in business as well as accounting. Furthermore the course is well paying and very marketable in Kenya.

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


  • United We Stand, Divided We Fall

    United we stand, divided we fall
    Am here to seek help for my masters degree.Am a Kenya from a single parent family. I have received an offer to study in Australia. Have managed to raise the required deposit and have applied for my student visa.But am unable to raise the remaining amount. Am kindly requesting anyone who is able to help please please help me. Thanks in advance.

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  • Have raise AUD 8350 for fee deposit and Over sea health insurance through family and friends.

    • Granted