"WE" International Art Collaboration

Sofija Sutton Start Date: Apr 7, 2016 - End Date: Jul 5, 2016
  • New Delhi, Delhi, British Indian Ocean Territory

My Travel Story

by: Sofija Sutton Start Date: Apr 7, 2016 - End Date: Jul 5, 2016
The Project & Me

‘WE,’ a   शब्द/ شبد, is a collaborative art-research project with participating artists from three continents. This multi-media collaboration, begun in January, will culminate in an exhibition with book publication funded and held at the Korean Cultural Centre, New Delhi from 10th August to 9th September 2016.

What makes this project awesome is that it links 9 artists from over the world (Canada, USA, UK, India, South Korea). All of us previously knowing at least 1 member, with no member knowing everyone involved. We are learning about each other and the notion of 'we' from abroad- only to unite down the road for our flesh union as one group.

And in August we get to share our experiences with the New Delhi community through free and public workshops and seminars!

For me this collaboration is a great source of cultural experience, research and career development. In addition to working internationally and remotely with new artists of various experiences, I also get to add a new exhibition in a new location to my CV. But it is really, the joy that this project brings that makes it worthwhile.  As artists, we are all meeting new long-term collaborators and hopefully, friends. We are creating a work uniting Eastern and Western cultures with local India traditions, and presenting it for the public to enjoy. And, we get to create something very original - a pure joy for an artist.

My Needs

While the Korean Cultural Centre is funding the show, all artists must cover their own travel and material costs.  I am funding only for my airfare from Boston to New Delhi. I will cover all other living and material costs. 

Our Goals

This project aims to investigate the intricacies and contradictions of the word ‘we’ and its complex meaning in various vernacular languages. For each of us, togetherness triggers different ideas, forms, sounds, and images. Togetherness is also about contradiction and conflict within groups and communities. As it is a collaborative project, no individual artist will have authorship of the artworks in the show, expanding the united communication to a united group work, rather than group show.

 "How can international artists work in traditional fine arts remotely and unite international, contemporary art with the local communities?" 

Most remote artwork results in group shows or digital, new media works. "WE" uniquely connects artists and continents through traditional art media over the course of 8 months. We then, all unite to connect our individual pieces into the single, collaborative group work.

While the final show will be free and public, it is the additional educational aspects that may contribute culturally to the community. In order to continue the union of cultures and people, we will provide free, public workshops, seminars and artists talks in New Delhi throughout the month-long duration of the exhibition. These events will hopefully encourage the local community to participate in and appreciate contemporary art and its new methods and international prospects.
  • New Delhi, Delhi, British Indian Ocean Territory


  • First Donations And Sketches

    First Donations and Sketches
    Here is the latest notebook sketch for my contribution to this project! I am working on two 4' x 2' long illuminated text spreads and a short video combining stop motion and live action filming. These works all will unite to tell a tale of of connection in the style of folk narratives and illuminated manuscripts. I am very excited about this magical story of ancient spiders, lost people, and red treads webbing over the earth like a blanket.

    Thank you so much to my first couple of donors! If I make 18% of my funding I can ask fundmytravel to highlight this project. Please help me travel to Delhi for this amazing, unique international art project!
  • The First Plan

    The First Plan
    While I have JUST started my campaign, I wanted to show you what the "WE" leaders, Baishali Ghosh and Rajarshi Sengupta, sketched for the work 'Naqsh' - one of 4 or 5 pieces in the collaboration. Each of the nine artists compose up to three 'slide' works to be handled, hidden, and revealed by the viewers.

    Thank you for visiting my page, please help me be a full part of this collaboration and travel to India!