Send Emi to Spain!

Emi Kamezaki Start Date: Sep 16, 2016 - End Date: Mar 4, 2017
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain

My Travel Story

by: Emi Kamezaki Start Date: Sep 16, 2016 - End Date: Mar 4, 2017

My name is Emi Kamezaki and I'm a junior journalism and mass communications student at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I am minoring in Spanish.

I have been studying Spanish for nine years thus far and would like to continue to hone my craft and become perfectly fluent in the language. I believe my ability to speak Spanish will help me in my career as a reporter and open me up to new opportunities.

I'm hoping to participate in a study abroad program from March 5 through March 12 in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain. I believe this experience would be culturally enriching while helping me practice my Spanish-speaking skills through immersion. 

Unfortunately, the cost of the trip is rather expensive. The program fee alone is $2,450, and does not include the cost of transportation, food or passport renewal. The estimated budget for the entire trip is $4,700. 

I would appreciate any assistance you are able to provide. Thank you for your time!
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Barcelona, Spain