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Alonso Gamboa Start Date: Apr 26, 2018 - End Date: May 25, 2018
  • Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

My Travel Story

by: Alonso Gamboa Start Date: Apr 26, 2018 - End Date: May 25, 2018
Hello, my name is Alonso Gamboa. I’m a student of Sociology at the University of Costa Rica (Central America) and am also in charge of The Commission of National and International Reality, a commission of Sociology Students Association (2017-2018).

I’m writing to you because I was selected to exhibit my investigation, the Increase of Criminalization of social Movement in Costa Rica on XVI Central American Congress of Sociology (By ACAS) to be held in Guatemala this May.

This investigation will be a good tool for others students across Latin America because it's a seldom investigated topic. I have been researching this topic for 2 years as both a University student and a member of Non-Governmental Organization for Peace.

I received a scholarship and work hard to pay for my expenses (including my two kids) but it’s not sufficient to cover transportation, food, and lodging. Research is time and money intensive; I look forward to sharing this knowledge with different parts of the world if you would be so kind as to help. I appreciate your time and any donation amount.
  • Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala