Help the children of Sukuta

Adnan Naji Start Date: Jan 9, 2018 - End Date: Oct 8, 2018
  • Banjul, Gambia

My Travel Story

by: Adnan Naji Start Date: Jan 9, 2018 - End Date: Oct 8, 2018
My name is Adnan Naji and I'm from Sweden. Next year me and my friend Sainabou we'll be making a volunteer trip to Gambia. A huge part of this trip is to help Sukuta Lower Basic school with their electricity problem. Unfortunately they can't afford paying for electricity for their computerlab. Therefore I started this project with my friend to find any solutions, and the best one was to build solar panels.
All of the money that we'll be raising will be donated for the solar panels only.

I work with an organization called Sukuta Friendship Association that has been helping this school for a lot of years. I have been there before and seen the school and the wonderful children. Therefore it's very important for us that these children can use the computerlab. It is very important for their education and they are very limited.

Sukuta Friendship Association started in 2001 with the aim of working for a favorable development for the village of Sukuta in Western Gambia. Since then, the association, together with its sister organization "Future of Sukuta", has worked on a variety of projects, such as renovating classrooms, restrooms and restoring the school's computer room. In recent years we have had the opportunity to work on projects financed by Sida. Sukuta Friendship also runs a sponsorship program.

ANY donation makes a difference!
  • Banjul, Gambia