Keta's Paris Trip + Coldplay Concert

Keta Khazalia Start Date: May 16, 2017 - End Date: Jul 9, 2017
  • Paris, France

My Travel Story

by: Keta Khazalia Start Date: May 16, 2017 - End Date: Jul 9, 2017
Well, Hello everybody! 

My name is Keta. I'm 22 and I'm graduating from university this summer.  I was born and raised in capital city of Georgia, which is Tbilisi. However, my parents are from Abkhazia and after the war of 1992-1993 they were forced to leave their homeland and start life all over. My dad was who my best friend, secret keeper and most importantly he was super encouraging, a person who I haven't seen for years because he lived in Moscow to keep us financially stable, tragically passes away in spring of 2014. After that my whole family has been struggling. 
My mom is an English teacher at private school and well, salaries in Georgia are very law. She gets about 450GEL which if you convert is 186.34 USD per month. It is nearly impossible to survive with a salary like that but she gives private lessons and tries to keep our family in normal shape. 
I started internship at East-West Management Institute in Winter of 2017. With my first salary I bought a ticket to Coldplay's concert which is a favorite band of me and my father. We planned to go to Prague to see their concert few years ago but due to the lack of finances, we had to skip it...  
Despite the fact that I'm doing my internship which is paid, my monthly 120USD is not enough for the Paris trip. 
The reason why I start this fundrising is collect money for 1week accomodation, transportation and sightseeings in Paris. 
Any support from your side will be much appreciated!
Thank you <3

  • Paris, France