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Anthony Harmon Start Date: Oct 23, 2016 - End Date: May 30, 2017
  • Prague, Czech Republic

My Travel Story

by: Anthony Harmon Start Date: Oct 23, 2016 - End Date: May 30, 2017
I met Radek during my senior year in high school. He had come from the Czech Republic as a foreign exchange student. At first he was very akward and shy. After getting to know him I invited him to come see my marching band show. He loosened up with my parents and soon was cracking jokes with them. Later that night he came over for a gaming party and instantly became one of my best friends.

Knowing his time in America was limited Radek took every chance he could to make the most of his stay. During our spring break he joined us on a week long camping trip. He even went to our prom with one of the girls in my school. He was loving America. He enjoyed himself so much he even asked us to make him American. We had no idea what this would entail, but we enjoyed the challange. One night he put on american flag swimming trunks and layed down in my friends bath tub. While we were blasting "I'm Proud to be an American" We poured red white and blue Mountain Dew on him. We called this his "American Baptism" and dubbed him an honorary 'Murican from then on.

My only regret from his trip was not taking the day off work to accompany him to the airport on the day he left. It has been over a year and a half since he left, and while I have skyped him I miss him dearly.

I have decided that I would like to make a trip to surprise him. I would fly into Prague and make my way to his house and show up unnanounced. I know this seems rude, but I would not be asking him to house and feed me. The realy problem with this, as I'm sure you are aware, is the cost of this venture. While plane tickets can be found cheaply they are still very expensive, especially for a college student. Once I am there lodging can be done cheaply in a hostel, and food would not be a bank breaker either. Transportation has been figured for and I would just buy a ticket for the local trains. In all this trip could be done for $2,500. Now I know it can be done cheaper, however I would like to have enough money to have emergency funds.

I know there are more worthy causes out there, and I ask that you dontate to help save lives before you help send me on a trip to see my friend. I do ask for help though because this is too large of an undertaking for me alone.
  • Prague, Czech Republic

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