Natasha Goss Start Date: Jun 22, 2017 - End Date: Oct 21, 2017
  • Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka

My Travel Story

by: Natasha Goss Start Date: Jun 22, 2017 - End Date: Oct 21, 2017
I am acting on behalf of my partner, Luca Albano, one of the most selfless and caring people I've ever met.
Unfortunately, over the past years Luca hasn't been having the best of luck, many unfortunate events have occurred and only recently in March his father sadly passed away. Since Luca was 15 he has been saving to go surfing around the world, and was hoping to visit Sri Lanka for a month in January but due to the recent events many bills and debts have been passed onto him through no fault of his own, yet he has to pay the consequences with the money he has worked very hard to get. Luca is constantly working and in his free time he always spends it doing favours for other people such as fixing up their boards which is very time consuming and has caused him to have many back problems. He was previously in hospital due to an accident at work leaving him with nerve damage in his arm which he had to build back up very slowly, meaning that he was unable to surf for a long time, his passion in life was taken from him. As well as this he was put out of work for a while, yet another setback. He's still working hard to earn the money to travel to Sri Lanka but I am very hopeful that opening this funding page will help get him there.

Surfing has been his passion and a way of life for him for years, it's his stress relief which I truly believe that he deserves. If anyone would be willing to donate I'd be most grateful and I know that he would too. As much as I wish I could pay for the flight ticket I do not have the funds, and am saving for myself to go alongside him. I love him very much and it upsets me to see him working very hard yet unable to live his life to the full.

Please help get him to Sri Lanka.
Thank you. 
Natasha Goss
(P.S. If you know Luca or have any attachments to him, please keep this quiet, I would love for it to be a surprise for him if the funds are able to be raised)
  • Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka