Level 1 Mental Health Placement Sri Lanka!

Lara Woodbine Start Date: Oct 7, 2017 - End Date: Oct 6, 2018
  • Sri Lanka

My Travel Story

by: Lara Woodbine Start Date: Oct 7, 2017 - End Date: Oct 6, 2018
This placement will give me a chance to experience mental health from a different cultural perspective. It will give me extremely valuable hands on experience in the mental health sector. It will not only help me gain experience it will also make a huge impact on the community where mental health resources have previously been scarce. Engaging in projects from teaching English in school to visiting psychiatric hospitals and rehabilitation centres. I chose this destination because it looks like a beautiful country and I have a passion for exporting different parts of the world and living in other people's cultures! This especially meaningful to me as I have been studying psychology at different levels in education for 3 years now and I have developed an ever increasing interest in mental health. From this I want put what I have learnt so far into good use and try to provide maximum benefit for the community I will be working with.
This is something I have always wanted to do however I wasn't sure if it was possible. Therefore I feel very lucky to have been given this opportunity and I am so excited to begin this journey!!
  • Sri Lanka