Get Ollie to America!!

Sophie Meredith Start Date: Oct 20, 2017 - End Date: Oct 19, 2018
  • Minneapolis, MN, United States of America

My Travel Story

by: Sophie Meredith Start Date: Oct 20, 2017 - End Date: Oct 19, 2018
Hi my name is Ollie and I’ve got a very rare genetic condition called pallister killian syndrome.  There are not a lot of us children in the world and there is not a lot of research about our condition, my mummy and daddy are trying to raise money to get our family to America where the founder of my condition (DR Pallister) will be holding a  seminar with all the other families with children with my condition so we can all meet and share our amazing and unique qualities and medical conditions.

becais of my condition I am unable to walk talk, feed or communicate. I also suffer with severe epilepsy and chronic chest infections which I have been given days to live. Despite all his I’m a very happy little boy who is full of life and I bring my family a lot of joy and happiness every single day. I am only 3 years old at the moment but the doctors say that I probably won’t live for many more years,  I would love to meet my pks brothers and sisters as I’ve never met anyone with the same condition as me. I want to thank everyone in advance for donating! You will be making a massive difference not only to my life but to my family’s and the other family’s I will get to meet in America! My mum and Dad will learn a lot about my condition from this seminar and from speaking to other family’s living with this condition. 

Thank you everyone.. lots of love Ollie Meredith xxx
  • Minneapolis, MN, United States of America