Much needed love for Elephants

Holly Crisp Start Date: Jun 17, 2017 - End Date: Sep 14, 2017
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My Travel Story

by: Holly Crisp Start Date: Jun 17, 2017 - End Date: Sep 14, 2017

Help me save Elephants during my 2019 trip to a conservation in Chiang Mai, Thailand! 

I LOVE animals; grew up with cats and dogs but have always been a sucker for animals of all kinds. I try to do my part where I can but I have always wanted to do something a little extra.
I have been itching to travel and thought to myself "why not dedicate my time overseas, to the need of some beautiful animals". For three weeks I am going to be dediating my time to the rehabilitation and rescue of elephants that have been or could be victims of poaching, ill-treatment such as performing tricks in shows or are just in need of sactuary and love.
I will be travelling with many other volunteers organised by the Global Work and Travel Co. whose caritable devision - The Global Foundation - is a not for profit organisation so donations made for all kinds of causes they run are going straight to those who need it.
There is a possibility that the beautiful creatures we call elephants could become extinct as soon as my great grand childrens generation. That makes these reservations that much more important. I would deeply appreciate help that anyone could offer towards my journey of saving these amazing animals. 

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  • Fundraising Event

    Fundraising event
    Keep your eyes peeled, Family Gala Fundraising event underway. I have pretty much adopted another full-time job, staying up till 1am sending emails and planning a BIG fundraising event during October this year. Expect face painting, balloon animals, raffles, bake sale, baking competitions, stalls, animal discussion and demonstration etc... all managed by yours truly. I think I've found an unexpected calling!