Girlfriend's Dream Trip!

Fernando Lezcano Start Date: Dec 9, 2017 - End Date: Apr 7, 2018
  • Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos

My Travel Story

by: Fernando Lezcano Start Date: Dec 9, 2017 - End Date: Apr 7, 2018
Hello everyone!

My name is Fernando and I’m a 17 years old Paraguayan boy. The case is I’m trying to give my girlfriend a gift, I’d really like to fulfill one of her long desired dreams; to visit Walt Disney World. We’ve been dating for 3 years now, and since the beginning we have been talking about taking this trip when we grow older.

However, we’ve finished school and are planning to start college, or start working. So now i had the idea of making this happen for her. As a surprise for our anniversary, so she can have a good rest before we go back to the day to day.

Both of us have loved Disney and Pixar movies since we were children, so i think taking this last trip to the home of our childhood memories.

I’ve been saving money for quite some time now, but right after i started checking prices in travel companies I was devastated. I wasn’t even close to be able to pay the first check of the trip...Taking trips from my country to another is way too expensive, so I started checking for other things I could do. I started working full time without her knowing so I could make some more. But even like that I won’t be able to get enough by the due date of the payments. But then I found this page! And even though I don’t like asking for money too much, at this point I’d do anything to let her have this!

She’s always been there for me, she’s the perfect girl, and I’d do anything for her. Next year we’re going to try to get scholarships to try and get out of our country, since there are not many opportunities here, so we aren’t going to have any more time after half of next year.

I want to thank you in advance, anything helps, even sharing! I’ll really appreciate anything you can help me with!

  • Soon I’m thinking about opening a blog, so I can keep you updated about any change or news!
  • Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos


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