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Reginald McCray Start Date: Aug 7, 2018 - End Date: Nov 4, 2018
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by: Reginald McCray Start Date: Aug 7, 2018 - End Date: Nov 4, 2018
Conservation Volunteers offers a unique opportunity to make a direct impact on the unique New Zealand environment while learning practical conservation skills

The program

This program has three components: the conservation work that we do in the forest, the manual work that we do around the sanctuary, and the sightseeing that we do around the region.

The conservation tasks that are perform in the sanctuary and on the behalf of the Department of Conservation are performed at a professional level, and I will receive the training necessary to reach the required high standard. 

Throughout my stay I will learn and practice the basic navigational skills and tools required to operate in the dense rainforest.I will also learn the meaning of sustainability through observation and practice. The opportunities to learn are endless.
Volunteer work

cutting and marking tracks,

installing, refilling, and monitoring bait stations,

installing and monitoring traps,

kiwi, kokako, and rodent monitoring,

seed collection,

weed control and planting of native plants,

data entry

The manual work part of the program refers mostly to the activities that I will have to perform to maintain and enhance the living area. 

Tasks include:

weeding and maintaining the herb garden

building maintenance tasks (i.e. painting walls, setting up walls)


chopping wood

general help around the place

4 weeks - $1,400
Flight estimated - $2,700
Work Visa - $350

Total - $4,450

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  • Paused!

    I am pausing this campaign because I am helping out on a US disaster.
  • Visa Application In Process

    Just finished up the paperwork for my work visa and now I am waiting for further instructions. I used personal funds plus the previous donations to get a start on the application before its too late. I really appreciate all the help from the people that have donated.

    Thanks Much Love!