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Nika Namini Start Date: Oct 28, 2016 - End Date: Apr 27, 2017
  • Woe, Volta Region, Ghana

My Travel Story

by: Nika Namini Start Date: Oct 28, 2016 - End Date: Apr 27, 2017
I have been given this amazing opportunity to go to Ghana and help in an underfunded government schools based in a village called Woe. This school is in a village away from the city. They provide basic education for boys and girls in the surrounding areas. During my time, I will be helping teach the local children as an assistant teacher. Teaching the children, playing with them is what I hope I will do in my future job, as I would like to work in a Charity organization supporting children all over the world. I will also be helping improve their facilities of the school, re-building parts of the school and maintains other areas. What we will build will have a lasting effect for many years and a great impact on the children in the area.

For many going to a remote part of the world without proper running water and no access to modern day life’s luxuries may be a unpleasant experience, but for me this a great adventure not just to help others and put a smile on children’s faces but to have some quality time with myself and explore what I am capable of. As you can imagine this trip does not come cheap. I am a full time student doing my final year of A- levels and have a part time job but I still need extra support and funding to go on this trip.

Please help me raise this fund.

Thank you

  • Woe, Volta Region, Ghana